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By: Awau, Taofeeqat and Haleemah

Waiter! Waiter!! Waiter!!! come here and collect order naaa, he called him with his baritone voice, “woo, see that guy with stripped shirt sitting at the extreme end of that place.. hehh yes that guy over there wey get belle, give him a bottle of Honourable Trophy and a plate of Pepper Soup”, Adekola said at a popular local joint where he and most of his friends hook up weekly for merriment and jolify. While answering the request of his customer, the waiter without hesitation in his uniformed polo and a face cap walked up to the fair potbellied guy with the drink and hot aromised pepper soup; although, the customer was pressing his phone minding his business lonely.

Ah I never request for something na? Shocked with the moment at which the fair man brought those, What’s up guy? he enquired. “oga wey dey that place wey wear that white round neck talk say make I give you”.
My guy no vex, you’ll change this Trophy to Bottle Water for me, chill one or if una get Can Malt.
After the whole stuff at the joint, in their car driving home, Kabir muttered and said, u want make I dey drink this one wey fasting go start tomorrow?

“Your head dey pain you, abiiiiii no be you wey be say you’re on 6 bottles”, Sodiq slammed his friend while chitchatting in the Honda 2016 model towards their home. Guy, make I tell you the truth, na tomorrow Ramadan go start and I want to avoid every sinful, lustful and bad habits whatsoever because this na Holy month and i want my 30 days fasting to be upright Insha Allah”, Kabir replied with a more tender and serious tone.
Surprisingly, Sodiq apologetically promised himself that the whole 30 days will be for Allah and no hinderances, no lies, backbiting, insult, gibberish and badmouthing of any individuals during the period and he will make sure he fo everything in accordance to the dictate of Islam.

Convincely, can you see the determination, mindset of mostly individuals whenever Ramadan Approaches? In this excerpt, the analytical approach on why we should replicate our acts we poseses during Ramadan to all facet of our life irrespective of the time, season and place.
The Ramadan festival (eid-il-filtr) as always been a controversy among the Muslims in the whole world.
The commencement and the ending of Ramadan most times comes on a controversial mode.
That is in most time, no specific date for fasting, but it is been discovered by sighting of moon.

However, the Islamic fasting is always either 29days or 30days, by this Muslims find it confusing in celebrating the festival. People believe in seeing the Shawwal (crescent)moon physically, which is always sighted in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries before they can celebrate the eid festival. While Other countries find it hard to sighting the moon.These makes Muslims celebrate the eid-il-fitri in different two days in all over the world.

According to National Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), the 2021 fasting should be 30 due to non sighting of the Shawwal moon. Though majority believe in physical sight seeing of the Shawwal moon, while the minority fall on the second category. This has always been an issue among Muslims from ages. According to history, this happened in 2018, 2020 and also 2021. To eradicate this, only if the scientist can do their research and declare the most convincing one between the two belief, by this the yearly controversy will stop.

Having identified the controversy sorrounding it, it’s evidently feasible that Ramadan: one of the 5 pillars of Islam,Fasting from dawn to dusk is an obligatory act to all Muslims except those who are exception in observing the fasting, which are the old, ill,mensurating, mothers who breastfeed.
The early meal taken by the Muslims is known as Sahur, must be taken before fajr enters, known as ( the morning prayer). And breaking of the fast is done immediately, when the sun sets in, and also when the prayer of day break enters ( solaltul Magrib). The breaking of the fast is done together by the Muslims brothers and sisters, especially by the family. The food is known as iftar. This enable them to show love and care to one another and share among the less privileged.

This is because the spiritual reward of fasting and doing good deeds are believed to be multiplied during the holy month of Ramadan.
Muslims refrain not only from food and drinks but from all immoral acts and sinful behavior, but devoted their time to Almighty Allah, by praying (solat), reciting the Quran and engaging in other ibadah.The Muslims are bid to the commandment of Allah Which says:”O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may have Taqwa(Fear of God)”
(Quran 2 vs 178 )

The Night of Destiny is also one of the significance of the month of Ramadan, which is known as Laylatul- Qadr, is considered as the holiest night of the year, “The night of Laylatul-Qadr is better then one thousand nights” (Quran 98). And is it believed to have occurred on an odd numbered night during the last ten days of Ramadan.
The holiday of Eid il fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the following month of shawwal, it also declared after a crescent New moon,has been sighted or after the completion of thirty days of Ramadan if sighting of the month is not seen. These gives the Muslims the privilege to celebrate and return to a more natural position of eating, drinking and marital intimacy.

Therefore, the holiness, sincerity and refrain from nefarious act all in the quest for our fast to be acceptable to Allah should be replicated in our daily activities. if Muslims and non Muslim could deviate from religious bigot and face humanity squarely without prejudice, this holistic approach we replicate during fasting should be transferred in our day to day business, transaction, interaction, communication and dealing with one another. The act we poses during fasting should not end for the fasting period but it should be inculcated with our daily activities in life.

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