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  • Opadeji Samuel

The Joint minds club, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Asiwaju Chapter has organized a 3-day intensive digital training for all her members on becoming a digital marketer.

The training was held between 18th Of March, 2022 – 20th of March, 2022 in a closed WhatsApp group and was facilitated by the Director of appointments of the club, Asiwaju Chapter, JM Ajala Daniel. JM Ajala Daniel is an undergraduate of the Accountancy Department, the citadel of technological innovation. He’s an academician who is so passionate about rendering back to the public, the God’s given gift he has. JM Ajala Daniel is a copywriter, an editor, and a trending digital marketer. He has worked for over 59 clients as a digital marketer as small scale and large scale businesses have grown massively under his tutelage.

In an interview with the Emperor Of the club, JM Kamil Muhammed Ayobami on why his administration has deemed it fit to organize such a program for the members of the club, he said “We’re in an era where the day-to-day physical activities will be coming to an end, if not fully, but at least to some extent, as the world is becoming digital day by day”. He as well gave a citing example on the issue of covid’19 which the world battled within the year 2020, he made mention of several companies and businesses that has experienced a breakdown in the smooth running of their operation sequel to the pandemic that occurred. JM Kamil Muhammed Ayobami, further elaborated that if the digital operation has circulated across the globe, there will be a little shortfall in the operation of many businesses.

To sensitize the entirety of all students on campus, Press Council has garnered some excerpts from the training which are highlighted below;

“A Copywriting is described in its simplest form as a correct and systematic art of selling, and a copywriter is someone who understands human’s wants and desire and takes advantage of it to make them take a particular action”.

In the training held, the facilitator enlightened the members of the club on what services they can offer to the public as a copywriter which few of them are; Ads creation, Product description, sales copy, website copy, and landing page”. JM Ajala Daniel in his training also highlighted the 5ps of a digital marketer, which are; Problem, People, Place, Price, and Promotion. He said, if all of these steps are followed meticulously, then we all will be a change-maker in society as a digital marketers.

The online training has in attendance Joint minds club members, from the Asiwaju Chapter and other chapters, stakeholders on campus and active campus journalists.

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