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By Joshua Adetunji

The majority of the problems The Polytechnic, Ibadan, is battling could be traced to a shortage of staff in all corners of the institution.

Despite adequate facilities and equipment, it is no longer news that the system in which the institution runs hasn’t been fair on students ranging from the educational aspect to the non-educational aspect.

However, a closer look into the situation on campus has revealed the cause of these messes and hopefully, the management would see to it before students are being forced to adapt to the ugly system the institution is literally enforcing.

In a department of over 3,000 students, how do you expect such department to deliver lectures as at when due, mark and record examination scripts, process results and attend to other needs of the students, at the appropriate time, with less than 10 lecturers, who might sometimes be needed at other departments as well?

How do you expect swift response from the security department at different locations, when the department is short of operatives and necessary equipment?

What best should we expect from CIDM that controls the online activities (both academic and non-academic) of the entire students and the institution at large with inadequate staff?

Why won’t the SUG bike men feel on top of the world, when they know that other transporting systems in the institution are no way enough to attend to half of the students?

Why won’t the medical center keep students standing in the scorching sun and force them to skip classes when the officials available aren’t enough to attend to the students?

How will the institution not have a bad reputation, when things don’t get done when they ought to?

The staff in each department in the institution are of no doubt, trying their best, but to make their bests known to the students and the public at large, the management should get a more hands-on deck.

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