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An ex-‘ hostelite’ residing at RAMAT hall of residence has reportedly lost her senses in the early hours of Saturday.

The incident, which occured around 7:22 am on Saturday, has left people wondering what could have happened to an HND student, who literally ran mad at the hostel.

While gathering this report, Press Council discovered that the Portals on duty had restricted her from entering the hostel when they noticed her strange behavior the previous night and later called the security operatives to take her away.

However, it was a shock to everyone when they saw her the next morning acting strange in front of the hostel, claiming she was locked up for no reason amongst other noises she made about the institution. She was also said to have held a piece of paper where she wrote some things which were said was directed to the management.

According to an eyewitness, she eventually had her way into the hostel but was immediately held by the Portals in duty, after which she tore her clothes, and went naked outside the hostel. The attention of the security operatives was immediately called to take over the situation before it gets out of hand.

Although, there have been rumors that she must’ve been used by “Yahoo boys”, by an unidentified individual who claimed to be close to her, debunked the rumor that she is suffering from depression, which started when her parents told her to quit school and learn some trade due to financial constraint.

The undisclosed victim, finished her National Diploma program in Science Laboratory Technology with Distinction.

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