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September 29, 2020
Adebayo Babatunde Features Opinions

What is Evil?

Adebayo Babatunde

Religion has been an ever-present culture of the people for the longest time. Karl Marx, a German philosopher wrote this famous line ‘Religion is the opium of people’. The meaning? It is a perfect construct by our minds for our mind to numb our pain, a symbol of hope for the hopeless and a weapon of control to the weak-minded.

Can we say here comes religion; here comes evil. Religion has preached good or bad for the longest time. This art could be regarded as ancient as it is as old as time itself. But it is however timeless, as people have found a way to connect events of the 21st century to the ages of stone and bronze.

But the real subject is the judgment that comes with the religion. You know, the decision on what’s evil and what’s not. In the Bible, there are series of massacres, but our mind is wired to sympathize if the massacre is done against the ‘good guys’ but if it’s the other way round we ‘look away’. Because? There’s a justification for this heinous act. I’ll be talking about this subject, evil. Lucidly, the human mind has a definite qualification for this subject thus, evil is the vilest most cruel thing that could be done by a living soul.

However, I have come to realize that contrary is true. An act is only said to be evil if something is done without no credible justification. A simple analogy, the government condemn criminals to hang, the electric chair or the firing squad And more ancient to the spin-wheel. Burning alive, the guillotine, rotting in the gallows or whatever torture in the history books.

All these are incredibly cruel fates. But we fail to overthink it, because majority of the victims are guilty of certain crimes and her deserving of their excruciating punishment.

Of course I see the reasons to take justice into our hands.In the end, ‘our gods seem to have forsaken us’ Or apparently ‘more merciful these days’, if you’d say. So, we can’t let crooks run free or allow vile sociopaths do their will. If we leave all judgement to God, they’ll be a meltdown of order on earth. Now, we wouldn’t want that, would we?

So we invented the most twisted way to curb these… Which is commendable I must say. But, we humans are like virus, we corrupt everything we touch, then we blame the next person who’s also not so innocent. I honestly feel Earth should be rid of us, but that’s a talk for another day.

So, we place someone at the table, someone’s who’s judgement might be flawed. Then you ask him to judge a certain someone accused of a crime. Wait… It gets funny. You ask a corrupt Judge to oversee a trial of a corrupt politician. A joke right? We’re clowns in the recent days.

So, we are inherently evil, no debate. But let’s say we’ve caught a criminal. We know he’s one. We caught him red handed.
Yet you ask him to bring a lawyer. A fair trial, you call it.. Then as a circus the courtroom is, you deliberate for months. Adjourning and taking needless recess, even going as far as granting a vile man bail. Only to dismiss the case because the evidence is inconsequential. That’s the sad state of our justice system.

Perhaps, I’m not here to drag the justice system as I have no better ideas, I’ll only point out the flaws. The truth of the matter is that the aforementioned criminal is innocent till proven guilty. And without a guilty verdict, he’s not evil despite killing his brother over their father’s property. Evil Is just the absence of justification for any peculiar thing done to your neighbor. Some ladies love it rough. Rape fetish, if you’ll call it. But take away that consent then you’ve committed a capital crime, and you could get castrated. Now I wonder, what if the consent suddenly retracted midway. Will you be regarded as evil . Are you the perpetrator, or is she?

Explanatorily, You’re taken from your father’s farm in a silent afternoon. Migrated to a faraway farm to work on another’s farm. No rewards; No rest. Just work. Strenuously used till you’re haggard in the grave. Then 200 years later, your descendants chose to murder those of your tormentors. Is that just? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Looking forward, think about giving birth to a daughter. Everyone talks about how pretty she is. She’s yours, she reminds you of your dead wife. She’s your responsibility. So you were going to protect her with everything you’ve got. Let’s name her? Well shall call her Lara.
Lara grows to her late teens. The most beautiful thing since Helen of Troy. She meets this guy, roughly handsome too. Lara heart melts to the bad boy.
They chat for a while and she gives him the green light and he drives straight to her heart that was the beginning of a love so sweet, how memorable it is to be young and in love.

The love get stronger by the day, but because of her values. She decided against getting having sex with him mulch to her boyfriend’s chagrin… He was horny. Eventually he lost is control; he Invites her over, spices her drink, steal her virtue. And he did it roughly with vengeance for wasting his time and making him beg.

From here, the story goes two ways.
Alternative 1:

As if that shame wasn’t enough, He rebukes her thereafter. But the worse isn’t over. She had the misfortune of being impregnated that evening. She was having his baby. But he won’t listen… He’s had his fill. So… She tells a friend, Damilola. Who… Hirtertho as always been jealous of Lara for being far more beautiful and every guy’s crush.
So, Dami lets the situation it leak. And she didn’t spare the opportunity to smear Lara as a slut. Lara start hearing her name coming up in circles… she felt betrayed. Unable to handle the shame and scorn from boys she had turned down. Lara took to the nook… And murders herself.. (However pattern your evil mind thinks.)
Who’s evil in this story? Pause!

Alternate ending 2. Her boyfriend was a little sweet, doesn’t scorn her after he took advantage of her, he apologizes. Lara is heartbroken, but its too much emotions. She takes him back. Two months later Lara discover she’s pregnant.
Lara tells him, he takes her to a clinic. In process of the abortion… You mistakenly get killed by a quack doctor produced from Nigerian Universities. What an end to a love so sweet. Lara’s father is torn. He loses the sane part of his mind. He goes on a killing spree. Murders Dami, kills her boyfriend, kills the entire clinic before he was finally gunned down by a Sergeant Segun…

Now I wonder, who’s Evil? The distraught father (he’s got justification), Our boyfriend who’s only living his best life. (his only crime: being horny & desperate) or the jealous Dami(always intimidated and overshadowed by her friend) or our sweet dead Lara(her crime? Being too beautiful?) The quack doctor (he’s crimes, going to a school in Nigeria, not attending classes, focusing on irrelevance & engaging in illegal abortion) or is it Sergeant Segun who was only protecting the public from a psychotic father.

Please who’s to blame. Who’s Evil? There’s plenty of excuses in everyone’s part.

I’ll love to hear from you, what is evil to you? Join the conversation with me on the comments section, or on Twitter or Facebook. (@PressCouncilTPI)
Thanks for living through what you think is a mind numbing torture.

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