Smoking Shisha; a Dangerous Alternative

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Hamzat Ameenat

“Anytime I take shisha, it wades away cold from my body system” that was Ibrahim while speaking with the reporter on Shisha Smoking amongst contemporary youths. While to Sodiq a student in his 20s opined that , “shisha dey make me dey okay and stronger anytime I’ve match(fun)”.
The contemporary youths have taken shisha smoking as a norm and a thing for the ‘big boys and girls’. Many of them don’t know what shisha actually is due to that fact that it appears good and nice to them. These set of people are being told that shisha is made of flavor and there’s nothing wrong in smoking flavor. But none have actually stopped to wonder how flavor turned to something to be smoked? And if it’s ordinary flavor; and why people get high and addicted as a result of smoking shisha?

Etymologically, shisha also known as hookah is indeed a TOBACCO-based product invented in Arabia centuries ago. It is smoked through a water bowl sometimes mixed with fruit or molasses sugar, through a bowl and hose or tube. Shisha contains mixture of nicotine (the main composition of your common cigarette), light leaf tobacco, sugar by product and sweet tasting flavouring which produces aromatic smell.
You’re still on the fence? Most of us believe that smoking shisha is healthier than cigarettes, meanwhile reverse is the case. There is a lack of knowledge about the harm of smoking shisha, mostly because of the comely nature of its packaging. At this side of the world, we are not known to make enquires on whatever we consume. Most times peer pressure compelled us not to ask about the guidelines that comes with the shisha pot, all we do is to take the pipe, inhale and make snap chat videos without knowing the detriments it’s causing to our body system

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated in one of their guidelines regulating sales of cigarettes and hookah that every person should be informed of the health consequences, addictive nature and mortal threat of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke. Shisha consumers rarely gets to see the packaging of shisha and that’s because the club or cafe offers them ready to smoke.
Shisha smoke actually tastes nicer and better than cigarettes but it is an assassin that kills slower than a snake poison. (Smokers are liable to die young)

However, according to the WHO, they brought to our notice that shisha session can last up to 8½ time longer than cigarette smoking which means just one intake of shisha smoke is equivalent to inhaling around 100 times the volume of cigarettes smoke. Don’t be too amazed,it’s the fact

Apparently youths see smoking as a way of enjoying life and a means of showing our societal status. I know we might be doubting the fact that shisha is dangerous, if that’s the case, let me take you into the deriments of shisha smoking. Shisha smoking exposes an individual into having oral cancer as result of sharing the smoking pipelung cancer caused by the toxic smoking that’s going into the body, carbon monoxide associated with dizziness and syncope (temporary loss of consciousness), coronary heart disease , tuberculosis to mention but a few.

Therefore, the effect will not show immediately, it takes a gradual process before it starts showcasing. The more you smoke, the higher your chances of death due to lungs complications. In a bid not to smoke cigarettes and marijuana, you opted for shisha which is also as bad anyways. If you are trying not to smoke cigar or weed, the solution is not shisha either. The best you have is to stop smoking anything. Or make due with the expensive herbal cigarettes. Take note; smokers are liable to die Young

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