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By Press Council.

A visitation into The Polytechnic, Ibadan, on Wednesday, 9th of November, 2022, can make a tourist think students of the institution have gone haywire, however, reverse would be the case to the regular customer of the institution.

At the early hours of Wednesday, students, lecturers and passers-by were unable to reach their destinations due to the peaceful protest exhibited by residents of Unity Hall of Residence.

The Unitarians, as fondly called, had trooped out in masses to stage their protest at different hotspots of the institution. The students were seen chanting a chorus, which was lyrically about their plights.

“Kó sí iná, kò sí omi, wọ́n tún n jà wá l’ólè”
(There’s no light, there’s no water, they’re still extorting us)- they chanted.

While arresting the situation, the Chief Security Officer of the institution, addressed the aggrieved students and implored them to maintain peace in the course of their protest.

“My children, we understand your plight and we are together with you, but please, do well to remain peaceful as you’ve always being. Do not harm or touch anybody and do not destroy anything.”- he admonished.

However, normalcy was restored into the institution after the appearance of the Dean, Students’Affairs, Mr Makinde Joseph, who marched the students back to their hostel. While addressing the students, Mr Makinde expressed his displeasure at the protest, referencing that he had already addressed the issue the previous night.

“I very much understand your grievances but I must confess, I’m not happy at all. At least, I was with you all till around past 10 last night, looking for possible solutions to your problems and I told you that everything will be fine before the end of today, but you went ahead to protest again” he said.

“We’ve swung into actions already and as you can see, there is light now, we’ll also make sure you enjoy at least 18 hours electricity per day, I can assure you that the government has approved it and it’ll manifest in due course. As for water, we’ll supply you with more tanks and every necessary items like generator for pumping, all these won’t be completed today, but you’ll see us in action before the end of today.” he added.

Appreciating the Dean, Students’Affairs for his timely intervention and the students, for their listening ears was the Students’ Union President-elect, Comrade Okikiola, who promised the students to take the student’s welfarism as his priority.

“I want to implore us to express our grievances through the right channels, and that is why I want you to give us time. Once we are inaugurated, we’ll take the hostel issues first. We will always be at the Students’ Union building, where you can come with your complaints and you’ll be attended to.”

“So please, let’s go back into our rooms and freshen up for class, everything will be done as said by the DSA. My executives and I are here for you and we will deliver to the best of our capability.” he added.

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