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By Professor Real

The Polytechnic, Ibadan, founded in 1970, is one of the first sets of Polytechnic established in Nigeria. It has ever since been regarded as one of the best, due to its contribution in the production of professionals in different sectors of the labour market.

But for the past few years, Students’ welfarism has taken the backseat. You find it fast fading away like dust and everything seems to be going beyond control. As a matter of fact, it seems as if the students are coming to see hardship as the norm.
Once the students are rejoicing at the solution to one problem, another raises its head like a hydra.

Some indications will be given in this piece, and would be resourceful if can be keenly looked into by the affected channel.

It should be recalled that the school environment was bushy till after the 9th week of resumption before they were cleared. Many excuses were given for the bushes like; faulty machines, shortage of personnel in the works department. Students would have to endure receiving lectures in the bushes and sometimes may have to risk snake attacks during classes. Truly, they have been reported cases of snakes sightings in a halls of residence and a classroom.

Furthermore, majority of the fresh students had to wait till a week to exams before they were cleared on their portals due to a 100% increment on the hostel fee (was later reduced by 50%) for halls that were partially renovated. Though the Students’ Union leaders agitated for a reduction in the fee but the developer was adamant but was giving promises that the hostel would be transformed to a paradise. We are still waiting for manifestation of the yet-to-be-fulfilled promise.

The school management had to ease the pressure with a record breaking hostel refusal fee of ₦5000 (Not always more than ₦1000) on all fresh students who have refused to take the hostel.

The students were happy that they now have a fair situation of the refusal fee as against the 30k hostel fee; but their happiness was short-lived when another fee surfaced on their portals. A ₦3000 E-Learning fee has been placed on their portals without a memo explaining what this fee is meant for. The said fee was later cleared to be optional even though the upcoming generation could be expecting a stiff decision about it.

But the question that is yet to receive it’s answer is, “what is this money for since it is optional?”

Having gone through all bustling and hustling as student, the most difficult problem that a student must avoid is the problem of result. All students must do the necessary registration as and when due. Students must also pay all the necessary fees to avoid paying double or risk of not graduating for up to 3years after the normal graduating year.

It now becomes norms, that students may have to wait almost a year before they can be mobilised for NYSC; owing to the fact that there is delay in the collation of results.

For context, final year students of University of Lagos had their convocation two days ago, just three and half months after their final exams. Meanwhile, graduates from 2019 haven’t enjoyed this ‘luxury’. I will like to plead on behalf of all students, that this things be properly addressed; so as to keep this institution in its model standard.

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