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By Press Council

Lack of adequate and effective light at late hours in The Polytechnic, Ibadan, have made routes and streets deadly to people who ply them in the institution.

Just as it is widely believed that the presence of light cannot be overemphasized, considering the fact it does not only illuminate darkness, it reveals dark act and dangers that might’ve disguised under darkness. And as numerous as the benefit of light, so also the damage it’s absence is capable to cause.

It could be recalled that the management of the institution, made provisions for light by installing solar light stands by the road side in the institution. But unfortunately, due to lack of proper and adequate maintenance, these solar stands have not been illuminating the school environment as expected. And presently, the solar streetlights now give a gloomy version of illumination in the learning environment at night.

However, where some of the solar lights are close to not functioning, others are not even working again, and unfortunately, majority of those not working again are located at “hotspots” in the institution.

The roundabout around Sewage hall in North Campus, is one of the affected areas. The road at night has been deadly tor trekkers as they have no clear view of what’s ahead of them nor notice an approaching vehicle only when it is very close to them. Vehicle drivers also suffer from this as well.

Also, the described road is the road linking to the school health Centre and students’ might need to visit the health Centre at night but with the condition of the road anything can happen because as the cloud is moving the road is moving also.

The state government is hereby implored to come to the aid of The polytechnic, Ibadan students and ensure there’s effective illumination at every nook and cranny of the campus. The state government should see to the lighting condition in the institution so that when Ibadan at large, is active at night, The Polytechnic Ibadan, would stop being dead to her.

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