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Joshua Adetunji

“… some of my classmates have gone for service, but here I am, still struggling to print out my course forms on the portal…”

According to research, the introduction of new portal to the institution has caused more damage to students, rather than easing their affairs, which is believed to be it’s main goal.

The portal, an online platform where students carry out studentship related activities was changed in 2019, and since the emergence of the new portal few years ago, students are now compelled to bear an overwhelming and threatening cross, alongside the hardship that comes with studying in Nigeria.

Research revealed that aside network issues, which is mostly peculiar to every body and organization, the old portal rarely gives students issues. While majority of the students never had issue with the portal system, only a few had, and the source of their issues, was traced to their negligence.

While speaking with Press Council correspondence, aggrieved students express how the introduction of new portal has caused havoc to them.

“I graduated two years ago. And right now, some of my classmates have gone for service, but here I am, still struggling to print out my course forms on the portal. And anytime I go to CIDM, they’ll keep saying they’re working on it” Uthman Yusuf, a graduate lamented.

“I am presently in my second semester, HND 2, would you believe that I am yet to see nor print nor have an idea of what my course forms from HND 1, first semester, looks like. And fortunately enough, it wasn’t like this during my ND days, but I don’t know what’s wrong” – Suliyat, an aggrieved finalist.

” I can vividly remember back then, that once you pay your school fees, you’re good to access your course form, where you have an overview of the courses you’re to over for the semester. But now, despite the fact that I’ve paid all fees, this portal is always saying I still owe some fees” – Hikmat, HND 1 student.

Research also revealed that the effect of the new portal hasn’t been fair on Cafe men as well.

“Students are beginning to lose trust in us because when they give us money to pay and we’re unable to pay, probably because the portal is down, most students think we want to dupe them. Also, it isn’t making this job easy for us.” an unidentified cafe man lamented.

However, some concerned students are imploring the management to resuscitate the old portal system, which seem to be fair to them.

” The Yoruba will say Òrìsà bóò bá le gbè mí, dá mi pàdà sí bí o ti bámi, if this new portal isn’t working for us, then we should make use of the old one that’s far better. Or is it compulsory we die there ni?” Oriyomi questioned.

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