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By: Tunde Jr. Adé.

My psychology lecturer often used to talk about how complex the human mind is and how quick things can get jumbled up to lead to insanity. So whenever I see someone who has severe mental issues, I’m always fascinated at the phenomenon, wondering what might have gone wrong; excessive drug abuse, trauma, depression, or spiritual causes? This makes me wonder why I even chose to study engineering and not neurosurgery.

I was fast asleep when a young man was said to descend to madness within the campus. And when I was later informed, I silently wonder why I am always asleep when things of such oddity happens (the snake attack, remember?). Any which way, at first thought, I felt it was just a guy getting too passionate about his act for the proposed Students’ Union Rag Day that failed because of no turn-out. But I was quickly brought to the actual conclusion that he was in fact insane.

How so? there was no Rag Day at that moment, and no one does Rag Day completely naked. Anyway, the viral video is enough evidence. I sighed, it was a peculiar case, in fact, very odd. Stories like this can only be found of WhatsApp status and Instablog, now it’s happening in my own backyard. My interest was piqued so I quickly referred to my press circle to get more in-depth facts about this interesting case. As expected, the rumours started flying around.

The first ones were spiritually related as he was supposedly holding a bible, an eyewitness suggested he had lost a battle to the Devil. Despite not being superstitious, I’m still African, and it is not implausible to assume that a young man of sound health can lose him mind when messing with the supernatural. These days, we know how desperate we youths are to make a mark. Poverty has eaten too deep into our minds that we strive to break the yoke. In a bid to do this, we find the easiest option (Cyber fraud) and mix it up with Africa’s black magic. It’s a pathetic practice that is now worshipped. Many times, we’ll joke about cutting soap for ourselves, but in actual sense, most of those who indulge in this fetish practice do not know what they are signing up for.

You know, they are dinning with a devil they don’t even know. Dealing with forces the human mind cannot comprehend. And when the pay day arrives, they are caught tearing their expensive Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton dresses.
Then I heard it could have been caused by drug or weed intake. I concurred it as a possibility too. The level of abuse of drugs and weed just to get high is appalling these days. There is a wide array of varieties too, the COs, AZs, Weed, Jedi, Crack, Cigarette, etc. Just too much for the brain to handle, and once in a while, a boy with a weak mind takes it and it robs him off his senses.

The wildest rumour I heard about this is that our roamer was in fact sane but just very courageous. Apparently, he and his peers had been in a crazy game of Truth OR Dare, and he was dared that walk through the SUB district naked; to make it even more appealing a bet of fifty thousand naira was placed an a piece. I was agape when this was broken-down before me, it was funny as it was audacious. It was a hundred-thousand-naira worth of attention this guy as just brought upon himself if it were true. A hundred-thousand-naira joke.

But eyewitness insist that he was insane, apparently, he had packed his Toyota nearby, alighted, stripped naked, smashed his iPhone and blitzed across the road holding a bible (don’t ask me, I raised an eyebrow too). I await confirmation of what actually happen from the maintenance department who are handling the situation, at this moment, his name or identity remain unknown. He is not a confirmed student.
I just say mah sharpely update my people. My people, sequel go dey on top this matter.

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