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By: Ogunwale Matthew

Final year boom comprises the finalist week activities of the final year of students on campus. This is a week that is always declared lecture free week for finalists in order for them to socialize, merry and entertain themselves after a long semester, spent on night readings, daily classes, assignments, project and research works.

The Press correspondent had an interview section with the Social Director 1 of the Department of Local Government and Development Studies, Comrade Oladokun Ayomide Bamidele concerning the Assessment of the Impat of Finalist Week on Student? Com. Ayomide said, this timely event filled the glory by being the first era to explore the different social participation of students. The event was awesome from the Day 1 to Day 5 and all thanks to God.

Moreover the Day 1, which is on Monday is classify has business day, which all finalist are expected to dress in a corporate wear or business wear in other to look official.Tuesday is tagged “Back to school”, student dressed in there secondary school days attire, guy s putting on shirt and short with socks, ladies putting on their plettin skirt, shirt and long socks.

Wednesday is tagged ” Denim/Denim jean” on this day the finalist is featured in talent hunt, music hype, music performance, rap battle, dance competition, special show etc. Thursday it is called Jersey day where each finalist rep is club by putting on his club jersey for the celebration of the finalist week.

Friday – the final day for the week activity which is tagged “cultural /Ankara day” finalist put on their best native outfit to celebrate also there’s a stage drama from the Student Drama Association to educate, inform and entertain the students on possible problems that they might have faced and would faced before finally graduating from the institution and how to live after graduating as student. Press correspondent asked: As the social director 1, how were you able to maintain unity, orderliness among student respective of their level or position?

He responded that he gave his best in making sure this happen and all thanks to his committee as well as every representatives in each level. They made sure everything went the way it ought to be and that was why there was unity and orderliness, for they worked together.

Press correspondent: can you tell us some of the strategy you use to ensure this orderliness with your committee?

He said, he set up a committee then he divide the committee, the technical committee, the sport committee etc, and also choose 3 representatives from each levels so as to deliver or communicate to their colleagues in class about what they are planning.

Press Council: How were you able to motivate the student to participate during the week despite we are in the season where student are not financial buoyant?

Comrade Ayomide said, honestly he tried his best in making sure no finalist is segregated even the other levels. As a matter of fact, some of the students supported the project with their time, energy, finance etc. He did it face to face talk, he also chat most of the students on social media to motivate them through enticing graphic designs each day. He influenced not less or big people, he made sure no day passed without fun, all thanks to God and my committees.

Press Council: what legacy are you leaving behind as a finalist, when we talks about unity for the next generation?

He said the power of a person’s life is the stories they leave behind. His legacy in term of unity are those small acts of kindness done well, and without expectation of reward or recognition, that find a special place in people’s hearts and those are the most important things.

Press council: Lastly describe the finalist week in 3 words?

He said, it was woaw!!!

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