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By Press Council

Stakeholders with the Students’ Union Executives

Comrade Azeez Adedeji led Students’ Union Government called for the first stakeholders meeting to discuss lingering problems on campus and to propose likely solution to the problems. The meeting took place on Monday 11th October, 2021 by 11am at Yemi Adeniran (Student Union Building).The stakeholders, consisting of all departmental presidents, Faculty presidents, Indigenous associations Presidents and other presidents on campus highlighted critical situations, they are:

Dilapidated lecture halls

bushy environment

flooding at the sewage lecture hall

Security architecture of the institution

Unity among students

Hostel fee hike

Bike fee hike

Students arrest on campus

Indecent dressing

Portal issues

These were the issues discussed at the meeting and the stakeholders suggested possible solutions to the highlighted problems.

However, the Students’ Union president, Com. Azeez Adedeji reiterates that His administration remains bent on making sure that the welfarism of the students is taken with utmost importance and He will propound panaceas to all the problems.

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