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By Press Council

According to Section 11 (3), there is a body known as the SRC/Senate House and the Senate House serves as the Legislative arm of the Students’ Union.

It is constitutional that the outgoing speaker dissolves the Senate Representatives’ Council in the presence of observers which shall be a representative of the management and the press. The election of the new SRC principal officers was slates for 3pm on 8th October, 2021 but was stalled due to the fact that the Speaker was not available to carry out His constitutional duty.

The Deputy Speaker, Senator Sheriff while speaking with the Press Council correspondents, He said that the dissolution of the existing house and election of new principal officers from the newly inaugurated members did not take place because the Speaker was not on seat and he does not have the constitutional right to do so in his absence. The Deputy Speaker apologized about the inconvenience they might have caused all observers and the security personnels and that they will work on a new date to do it.

Press council team eventually reached out to the Speaker of the SRC who said that his Deputy was aware he won’t be around and he believes the Deputy should be able to carry on with the dissolution and election process in his absence.

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