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Education is important and a priority for every mankind that can afford it. The education system is divided into kindergarten, primary education, secondary education, and tertiary education.

The first three educations are the foundation of education; primary and secondary lead to increased specialization of skills and knowledge, while tertiary summarize or synthesize the research in secondary sources.

Gaining access to tertiary institutions is not easy in this country. Financial challenges are not at times the pickle; but the country’s education system that has no strength also affects students, in losing admission every year.

For instance, out of the 1.9 million students who registered for the JAMB examination in 2019, there were only 1.1 million slots for all tertiary institutions in the country.

In essence, out of 100% of the students who registered that year, automatically 40.4% of them do not have a chance. Not all of them are financially weak or academically poor but unfortunately, they could not make it.

Different students encountered a lot of difficulties, while obtaining admission into this new stage of life. Of course, every student has a story to tell behind the successful admission; unfortunately, many forget all the pains they went through while seeking admission, in as much they are on campus, campus life begins.

Matriculation is always a great moment for the new students on campus as it is a day no fresher, would want to miss for anything. In a big hall in one of the tertiary institutions, all the new students would be gathered, dressed up in their matriculation gowns.

They will be extremely thrilled, looking so gorgeous and attractive. The newly admitted students will be given a warm welcome, and will be taken through their new abode.

I remember the ceremony that ushered me in as a fresh student; the program was a great one as the school counselor addressed the students on the theme, WHY ARE YOU HERE? it’s a question that every student needs to ask himself or herself.

“Most of you here are for different reasons, some of you are ambition pursuing, though they are few and they are the one who is ready to learn to lead. And there are some of your mates that are on campus just to go beyond home. Which of these categories do you belong to?.” the Rector asked rhetorically.

The newly admitted students recite out the matriculation oath on their feet and their palms on their chest and end it with, I MAKE THIS OATH TRUTHFULLY, AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE OATHS ACT. Music was on and the student started dancing with one another. While some step out of the hall to take pictures.

What happens next after the matriculation ceremony of the newly admitted students on campus?

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