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The Polytechnic Ibadan School management through the Directorate of the Student Affairs has had a meeting with all the student leaders in the institution at the school’s Assembly Hall, North Campus, releasing new guidelines.

The meeting was organized by the school management to inform the student leaders as regards the rules and regulations that should be followed while executing their duties.

The rules and regulations which were included in a statement tendered at the meeting read;

1. Movement outside the institution should be addressed through the student union body to the directorate of student affairs

2. All departmental fees shouldn’t exceed 1000 naira. In it, there should be issuing of ID cards

3. The general merchandise for students shouldn’t exceed 3000 nairas.

4. Issuing of neck mesh by departments or faculties should be stopped,  except the ones approved by the institution. The approved neck mesh is a thousand naira and it is compulsory for all students for their faculty registration.

5. The departmental dues should be used utilized for the benefit of all students in each department and not for selfish interest.

6. Any urgent needs by the department should be addressed through faculty fody, down to the student union body to the directorate of student affairs…

After lots of deliberations, the student’s leaders agreed to all the management instructions and also implored the management to see to all abnormalities going on in the school which includes insecurity issues, lack of electricity, portal issues, psychometric registration for new students, students id cards and lack of conducive classrooms for student’s learning.

The meeting had in attendance the Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. S.A Ajibola, the Deputy Registrar, Students Affairs, Mrs. Ayoade, The Students Union Executives of the Adedeji Abdulazeez Adedamola leg regime, The student’s representative council (SRC), Faculty presidents, Departmental presidents amongst others.

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