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By Professor Real

There have been cases of students falling prey of ill circumstances as a result of the nefarious attitudes or the inaction of some medical staff, to include inadequate facilities in some institutions’ health centres

It would be recalled that recently, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife was a victim of institution’s poor health care system few months ago.

However, The Polytechnic, Ibadan could have experienced a shutdown on Saturday, 22nd January, 2022; when an HND2 student of Microbiology was rushed to the health centre of the institution at around 3:00am and was taken back to the hostel untreated.

According to the concerned student, it took them about 10minutes before the door of the clinic was opened. It was gathered that despite the condition of the girl, their first complaint was about her health centre card, of which she was later asked to go and look for food at the time of the night.

She stated further;
“I was crying because of the pain I was feeling at that time. Would they have treated me the way they did, if I was their child? Would they have allowed me to die if the sickness was worse than that?”

Reports gathered affirmed that she was given a partial treatment (an injection) a day before and a prescription to go get outside the school premises. Despite this, She reported that she went back to the centre in the morning and was not treated, though the Students’ Union Executive intervened.

According to Press Council Correspondent, she is presently receiving treatment outside the school as a result of the poor health care service of the institution’s clinic.

Thus, there is no gainsaying the fact that the health centre is not a safe place for students to receive treatment in lieu of the opinions gathered by the Press.

Some students reiterated that the health centre is a place to receive just PCM and Artemether and on worst cases, one will be referred to get drugs outside the school premises.

It would be recalled that In 2016, students were happy to see a fully equipped health centre; with air conditioned ward rooms, which is of no use with ill-structure for care and to maintain good health.

Therefore, The Press Council implores the management involved to make amends and restore its vision, which is to ensure students’ welfare and safe treatment by experts in the field. This is because, if not properly maintained may lead to loss of lives despite the exorbitant fees students pay, thereby making it rather a den.

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