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By Press Council.

The Oyo State government, alongside the Management and Governing Council of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, have met with the aggrieved students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

Following the heavy protest, which the students of the institution embarked on, on Monday, 9th January, 2023, the Oyo State government, through the Ministry of Education, has summoned the management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, to a meeting with the aggrieved students of the institution.

It could be recalled that the students of the institution had stormed the street of Ibadan, with a peaceful protest down to the State Secretariat.

In a close door meeting with the representatives of the students, the Oyo State government appealed to the students on behalf of the government and implore them to itemize their needs.

Apologizing for pulling the attention of the country into the state, the Students’ Union President, Comrade Oloyede Okikiola, explained that the need to protest would not have ensued, if the entire students of the institution are not going through pain, which has now become unbearable.

Listing the reasons for the protest, the students representatives explained how the current administration of the Oyo State government had sidelined and casted them aside in the course of administration, ignoring the fact that the institution is one of the major assets that generates the highest IGR to the State.

Provision of Electricity and Street lights in the institution

The students representatives complained of preferential treatment, comparing the current state of electricity in their institution, to that of their contemporaries in the state. The students demanded that the government light up the institution as it was done in LAUTECH.

While reacting to the demand, the management of the institution explained that efforts are being made to connect the electricity of the institution to TRUNK A (a stable trunk of NEPA), and plans are ongoing as to partner with notable organizations on lighting up the institution.

Provision of Man Power

The students complained of shortage of academic staff and non academic staff in the institution. They complained of how lectures are left to take about three to four courses, each.

Responding to the claim, the management of the institution noted that efforts have been made to staff about one thousand part-time staff as full-time staff. According to them, the approval of the government is what could be said to be delaying the plan.

Visitation Into The Institution

According to the students, the governor is yet to set his foot into the institution, since his emergence as the Governor of the state. The students claimed that the governor’s visitation into the institution would not only gladden the heart of the students, but of the management of the institution as well.

In his reaction, Barrister Rahman Abiodun, the Commissioner for Education in the State, promised the students that he shall facilitate the governor’s visit to the institution.

Reduction of tuition fees

The students complained of economic hardship, and demanded a 25% reduction of tuition fees.

However, the management of the institution clarified that the institution is one of the institutions paying the lowest tuition fee in Nigeria. It was also made known that the tuition fee has not been reviewed in the last five years, despite the change of economy in the country.

Construction of roads

The students demanded a motorable road from the state go Government. Comparing the roads in other institutions in the state (their contemporaries), the students implored the government to replicate what is being done in other institutions, in theirs.

Reacting to the demand, the management of the institution explained efforts being made by the Rector of the institution, Professor Kazeem Adebiyi, to bring contractors, and government agencies, into the institution, for road construction.

Provision of security gadgets

The students lamented on the current situation of the security unit in their institution. They implored the government to assist the institution in improving on the security unit of the institution.

In her reaction, the management of the institution acknowledged the effort of the state government for the approval of AMOTEKUN to assist with security in the institution. The management also stated that plans have been put to place to secure a residence for the officers.

Provision of Conducive Classrooms

The students also complained of insufficient classrooms. The students complained of how a Faculty with about five departments is left with two buildings as lecture rooms. They also lament of poor facilities and equipments in some classrooms and offices.

In her response, the management explained how TETFUND has always been responsive by donating buildings to them, and the Alumni body of the institution as well. It was also disclosed that the management of the institution had written severally to the government.

Waste Management

The students complained refuses dumped carelessly have been injurious to the health of the entirety of the institution. They explained the need for a befitting waste management.

In her reaction, the management explained the efforts being made by the institution to partner with state government agencies in the waste management sector.


The students complained that the institution’s portal has been known to be malfunctioning over the years, and it has always been having a negative effect on the academic life of the students.

However, the management claimed the institution just migrated to a new portal, hence the reason behind some issues surrounding the portal. According to the management, the new portal would give every Head Of Department, the platform to compute the results of their students without taking it elsewhere, like before.


The students complained of not having enough toilets in the institution, and also not having access to the ones available in the institution.

In her reaction, the management claimed that they public toilets are in the institution, but were restricted due to blockage, which was traced to be as a result of students using paper, instead of toilet roll.

The management added that donations were made to erect three toilets at the South, Middle-belt, and North axis of the institution. It was also noted that the erection of the North toilet had commenced already.

Health Centre

The students also complained of poor health facilities and equipments in the institution’s health centre. They however call upon the government to help with provision of health facilities and equipments.

The management reacted saying, the effort of the institution in providing adequate health facilities and equipments, birth the new medical building in the institution, which was donated by TETFUND. The management added that the centre is not an hospital, but a health centre where petty cases can be attended to, and fatal crises would be referred.

Monetary Sovereignty

The students lamented over how the management of their institution has been incapacitated in terms of the finance of the institution. The students cited examples of how some top officials of the institution would dip hands into their pockets to shoulder the finance of an emergency, for the sake of the institution.

However, the management opined that the institution only experience delay in the cause of applying for funds from the state government.

Representative in the government (Special Assistant)

Citing how the government appointed students from some institutions as Special Assistant on different portfolios, the students implored the government to consider a Special Assistant from the institution as well.

Backing up their demand, the students explained that students from other institutions get access to government opportunities through the Special Assistants appointed from their institution. The students cited the example of the 7-day event that took place in the state in celebration of the International Student Day, where the 7-day event started and ended in a single institution, which is just a gate separated from the institution.

In her response, the management cited some government appointees who have been of help to the institution. The management however, implored the government to consider the request of the students.

Involving the institution in student-government activities.

The students complained that the only time they are being included in government events are during activities like Rally, Campaign or Walks. The students lamented that they are not political thugs nor robots, but students and that they deserve to be treated as such.

Summarizing her response, the management of the institution, implored the government to go through the demands of the students, assist the institution where needed, and grant the feasible ones from the demands of the students.

In his words, Professor Akinyemi, the Chairman, Governing Council, noted that it was obvious that the cause of the protest was due to lack to proper and adequate information between the management and the students.

According to him, if the students had known all, that the management of the institution has been putting in place for their welfarism, they would not have embarked on the protest. He also advised them to feel free to meet any member of the Governing Council, if provided, the management of the institution is not responding to their calls.

He however, enjoined them to channel their grievances through the appropriate quarters before considering anything like protest some other time.

Rounding off the meeting, Barr Rahman Abiodun, told the students to document their grievances to the Ministry of Education, through their management. He promised to table them before the Executive Governor of the State, His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde. He also assured them that the Oyo State government would look into them and definitely put a smile on their faces.

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