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By Press Council.

Ahead of their inauguration, the management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has organized a day seminar for the newly elected Students’ Union Executives and Students’ Representative Council.

The seminar, targeted at mentally equipping and preparing the newly elected officials on the unionism journey they are about to embark on.

In his welcome address, the Dean Students’ Affairs, Mr Makinde Joseph, applauded the spirit of sportsmanship in the students.


“I want to sincerely appreciate the spirit you exhibited before, during, and after the election process. There is nothing you have done that your co-contestants didn’t do, it is only the grace of God that has given you the privilege to be seated here”

“Like I always said, the Students’ Affairs is an umpire, feel free to come to us if you have any issue, we will always be there for you. You can come for advice, consultation, or anything. You are all our students.” he added.

While giving the opening address, the Rector of the institution, Professor Kazeem Adebiyi, who was represented by his deputy, Mrs Abiodun, admonished the students to embrace peace and love amongst their fellow students.

“Like someone said earlier, many of you aspire to be seated here just the way you’re sitting now, but God has given you the opportunity, and I want you to use this opportunity to promote peace and unity on campus.”

“Do not use your position to oppress your fellow students, you are all students of this institution. This post you are holding will open doors for you, depending on how you use it, so please the welfare of the students should be in your interest. Do well to pursue your academic excellent and be of good moral and conduct.” she implored.

In his lecture, Dr Oluseye Oyewo, a lecturer in Public Administration Department, admonished the newly elected officials to apply wisdom in the cause of discharging their duties.

“The kind of people you are will determine the kind of leadership style you will operate. Treat everyone in equity, being a member of the Students’ Union executive, does not give them the opportunity to oppress other students.”

“There are some things that won’t be clear to you while in office, it is until you’re done that you will understand. Don’t stand against the management and apply wisdom whenever you want to address any issue the students bring to you, because, majority of those issues that are being complained by the students are what the management have already worked upon.” he added.

Another lecturer, Mr Olabamiji Tijani, the Chief Internal Auditor of the institution, spoke on Transparency and Accountability on Fund of The Students’ Union, where he enjoined the students to be transparent with the Union’s fund.

“Put the interest of the students at heart and be judicious in spending the association dues. Also, make sure you keep adequate record of every amount taken from the association’s purse”

“Make sure you have the fear of God in your administration and always endeavor to give thanks to God in all aspects of your duty.” he advised.

Barrister Akinsola Ige, from the Registry department of the institution, based his lectures on the Rules Guiding Students Conduct In Unionism. He dwelt on the offences and penalties attracted to misconducts exhibited executives of the union.

“We’ve had a Student Union administration that majority of the executives did not graduate. This is not to threaten you, rather than to sound a note of warning that you being an executive of the union does not exonerate you from facing the penalties attached you any offence you commit”- he warned.

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