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By: Olaoluwa (Heaven’s path)

The gloomy situation that I can’t handle,
makes me to fall from the sky.
well; my backbone isn’t fractured;
but I couldn’t venture high no more.

I gassed out, I didn’t know I wouldn’t
venture on, in the fire of passion!
no one knows tomorrow they say,
I laughed at my silly self been confident.

The cloud I stood on faded and I fell!
I don’t want to look back at the river.
she doesn’t want to wait. Am i dreaming!
does a river ever look back?

That’s a question for the gods; where
will I find them to ask the question of a fool.

The solid foundation isn’t too solid,
flood took it by the legs and destroyed it.

Find me my fiery fire passion.

The one that blaze hot than the sun up high.

Can you reverse the river that left me?

Do me the favour and I will levitate up high.


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