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October 17, 2021
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“Sport is a means of spreading love and a good relationship with people”, that was the Polyibadan SUG Sport Director during a friendly football match held on Thursday 10th of December 2020 between The polytechnic, Ibadan and Gateway Polytechnic Saapade at the Pavilion field of the Oyo State owned Institution.

Though the match ended in a 2-2 draw, while speaking with Press Council correspondent, the SUG Sport Director of the home team Comrade Peter Samuel, “before I ran for office, one of my driving factors was using sports to redefine the love among students, using sports as a means of growth and redefining the sports on campus”.

Speaking further about the match held, “Last year the school placed an embargo on football activities but I accepted initiative when the SUG sports director of visiting team reached out to me about it so we could tell the management that our initiative on sports has changed and because of the loud cry of students due to the benefits of sport that are lacking here , which students from other schools enjoy which is connectivity and maintaining a good and cordial relationship with the students from other schools.”

Also, speaking with the SUG sports director of Gateway Polytechnic Sapade, Comrade Nelson Okaka, he said, “I noticed that there is no connectivity amongst students from other schools, mostly polytechnic students and I want to use sports basically football as the bridge to ensure a good relationship between polytechnic students and also to correct the lapses in sporting activities cos events like this will help gain experience and exposure to some things that are not in your comfort zone.

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