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September 21, 2021

Fear; a Powerful Ingredient to Gain People’s Obedience.

Hamzat Aminat

When we hear the word fear, the first feeling that comes to our mind is that “anxiety, terror, panicking” etc. In short, fear is something we are afraid of, that refrains us from doing certain things. That is what fear is all about? Right from the cradle, our agents of socialization, especially the family, teach us how to eliminate our fears. For instance, when we are crawling we are afraid of standing so that we won’t fall but our mothers will hold our hands and help us walk, therefore they are instilling in us the courage to walk and eliminating our fear of failing without trying.

As when we see strangers, as a child that we are, we will scream and cry on sighting a new person but our parents will wrap us in their arms and calm us down which means they are assuring us that we are safe which helps kill our fear for strangers and build confidence in us.

“Eliminate your fear”, “kill your fear”, “face your fear”etc. These are the phrases we hear almost every day and it has worked for us as we have developed the courage to some certain level in our lives which is great. But it is so unfortunate that some of us are not making use of our fears in the appropriate way. The purpose of facing fear is to make us act and not just act but to act righteously..

The purpose of fear is to motivate actions i.e it’s meant to encourage us to take good steps, admirable ones, and not anyhow steps. Sometimes in our lives when we try to do something that holds great profit or loss, the feeling of failure will come in and it is that feeling that will determine if we are taking the step or backing out.

But, it’s so sad that most of us aren’t using the benefits of fear in the right way. Fears are meant to make us think critically before we act and it also allows us to know if the risk we are about to take is worth taking. These days overconfidence and pride have put lots of us in serious trouble. Our attitude of ignoring the odds has resulted in death sentences for some people. Everyone wants to grow up so quickly that we execute most of the fears that come our way.

Not all fears need to be eliminated. Fears aren’t our enemy. We sometimes need it to overcome certain situations and also in making some decisions. Fear stipulates a stimulus to act properly with consciousness and focus.

However, as much as we are to face and conquer our fears, fear still needs to instil in our younger generations and followers so that they will have a sense of responsibility and a good behavioural pattern. If a child or someone does not have a fear or feeling that there is something to lose if or someone who will scold him if he does something bad, then such person knows no boundaries to bad acts. Atrocities and trespass will be the order of the day.

To give a very practical and relatable example, it is now a culture amongst students who probably by God and hard work or by shady businesses have become rich, now they’ve seen their lecturers and leaders as people who aren’t financially buoyant as they are or they feel they aren’t, as people who they can speak and act to anyhow. They’ve grown wings and this is mainly because the fear they have for them have been erased by the money they’ve gained.

Therefore, fear is what most of us need to adjust, adapt, and act well. Parents, teachers, and most especially security agencies need to instil in us a certain level of fear so that we will all be afraid to do something knowing fully the consequences if we ignore those fears. Fear is power as it is needed to gain people’s obedience.

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