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By: Gbolagade Sunday Ayobami

Press Council Face of the Week:

He started Laundry business with #500 in 2018 but now, he has employed more people in the business. Currently, in less than 3 years he has elevated from the traditional means to the adoption/introduction of sophisticated gadgets in his business.
Meet the Press Council’s Student Enterprenuer of the Week. He is: Olatomiwa Peter Adelaja, the present President of N.M.G.S(GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT). The Polytechnic, Ibadan Chapter..
He hails from Ogun State, IKLG, Ilisan Remo to be precise. He’s the Creative Director of the registered business @ATOM PETER CLEANERS which specializes on Laundry services. Basically, Home and Office cleaning services.
In an exclusive with him, he explained to us about the story so far.

Press: Can we meet you?
Atom: I am Olatomiwa Peter Adelaja, the present President of Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society ( N.M.G.S) which is also (GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT) The Polytechnic, Ibadan Chapter. I am also the Creative Director of the registered business @ATOM PETER CLEANERS which specializes on Laundry services for basically Home and Office cleaning services.
Press: Can you please explain briefly what prompted Atom Peter Laundry Services?
Atom: Actually, this idea started from a brother in church. On that faithful Sunday 21st January, 2018 after church service, i was asked to iron some 6 laundry which I charged #500 for all the 6 clothes. After that service, the laundry pronounced my ability to do this business. However, prior that time, I am someone that’s usually dressed in a well ironed clothes, I love to press clothes without any laziness or dizzy. I informed alot of people in my church and the business started. Hence, the quest for money but the zeal to be independent amounted to the rationale behind it.
The following Monday, alot of people has started collecting my numbers and lo and behold, the business started.

Press: It’s understandable that challenges are inevitable in all businesses, apart from the financial aspect, Can you tell us the constraint you faced when the business kicked off?
Atom: I will say apart from the financial issues, there are instances where they (friends) call me “Alagbafo” but I didn’t feel discouraged. Another bigger issues is power. This is one of the huge issues encountered by young entrepreneur even till now. When I started before I got a smaller Generator, I’ve to wait for NEPA to bring light before I could deliver. Although another thing that helped me was that my house is very close to Babcock University and I took all the clothes to a relative of mine who works there and plead to press clothes. Besides, I got a little gen that could only power an iron but now, I’ve a bigger generator set used for my business.
Press: How do you promote your business amidst friends, colleagues and peers?
Atom: In anything in life, the way you portray and carry yourself will determine the respect and accord giving to you. I call myself “Educated Alagbafo”. I don’t showcase myself with meager standard. When I started, the reason being fact that I’m educated really has impact and positive effects in my business. The way I dresses, my consultation with client, my approach, my package and delivery pattern. All played a significant role in my business.

Press: How were you able to balance School and Business?
Atom: To be candid, it was really challenging but I’ve to set target for myself. That year 2018 was during my industrial training where I learnt about drilling and doing the business as well but I’ve friends who come around to help me. Thus, i started with my hands to wash all the clothes immediately I closes from work. However, for my activities in school, immediately i finish classes for the day, I head to office to launder and study too hence, I employed someone to wash for me.
Press: How were you able to maintain the customer’s friendly relation?
Atom: the general belief of some people is that, any one venturing into laundry is either wretched or poor like a church mouse. But my approach, dressings, and my topnotch service delivery helped me leverage over it. I’ll not compromise and even if there’s delay, there are ways i tolerate it.

Press: Whats the support from the Parents?
Atom: if not for the support of my family, the business would not thrive. As a matter fact, my mom, my sisters washed my customer’s clothes. All of them supported totally.
Press: What’s your advice for students who are interested in the job or any kind?
Atom: What’s worth doing at all is worth doing well. Consistency, persistence, handwork and creativity matters in all what we do. If I had stopped when i started, it’d have been another story but I endured all the shackles.
Press: What’s your foresight about expanding beyond the present height?
Atom: In the space of my 3 years, I’ve been able procure industrial machines, washing machines and some machine and I still have greater foresight. So many people will still join the industry but to be relevant, you’ve to be creative and unique.

Press: Nowadays, the procurement of washing machine by house owners are rapid, what’s the steps you’re taking to make this business a progressive one?
Atom: In life, people like convenience alot. You’ll agree with me that people are getting more busier day by day. we coming in as launderers is to help relieve some of these workload of laundry at affordable rate.
Press: How do you combine Students’ Leadership, Studentship and Business altogether?
Atom: The thing is, I believe the leadership position is something that would affect my business positively. Most students, lecturers in my Department knows about my business and I’ve been able to manage the business very well. But in business, too much of orders without hands on ground could ruin your business.

Press: What’s your advice to students who are not appreciating entrepreneurship in this political and economic system in Nigeria?
Atom: I normally say the fact that somebody is doing this and I must do it does not determine maybe you’ll be successful in them. To me, CEO means, Creating Employment Opportunities. We should always strive to be creative and pursue very good and better goals.
Press: Your advice to students generally.
Atom: They should shun deviant behavior, participate in more business, entrepreneurship idea, what’s worth doing is worth doing well. Patronise ATOM PETER LAUNDRY . THANKS

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