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By: Florence

Do you even know that Yam has different genres of food that could be made from them? Of course there’s. But the neglect of our local made foods over the appreciation of western foods has marginalised those delicious delicacies. A question that keep rocking my heart is, in the next few years, most African especially Nigerian children wouldn’t not be familiar with these food again? Hence, some presumably attribute these foods to poisoning, diabolical and unhygienic yet we have to preserve our ways of life.

The main function of the section of Press Council is to outline a unique factor in our tradition which consciously or unconciously retrogressing into extinction. Thus, the issue sorrunding IKOKORE .. LOCAL MADE YORUBA FOOD.

Have you been to Ogun State, southwest Nigeria before? If yes, i guess you should have little experience about Ikokore .
Water yam scientifically named DIOSCOREA ALATA als known as purple yam or greater yam.This tubers are usually a vivid violet-purple to bright lavender in color but some range in color from cream to plain white.

Water yam is an important source of carbohydrate. The planting of the crop in the Caribbean and central America is usually carried out between March and July.
Several foods are made from water yam such are ojojo(yam fritters),water yam akara,ikokore, etcetera.
Ikokore as the area of concentration, It is also known as Ikokore. It is a local and mouth watering delicacy common among the Ijebu part of the yoruba tribe stemming from Ogun state, Nigeria. Ikokore is wholly made from water yam and when cooked, looks like a stew.
WATER YAM POTTAGE, as it is refer to in English can be eat alone as a main dish or with Eba,preferably cold for the Ijebus and cold pap(Eko). okore isn’t just a meal,it is a form of medication because of its benefits to the body, which are: Blood Sugar Regulation, Bone Growth, Weight Management, Body Detoxification and it also aids digestion and bowel.
Water yam itself,has been used as a laxative and worm expeller,and as a treatment for fever, gonorrhea, leprosy, tumours and inflamed hemorrhoids.

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