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By: Students’ Representative Council

The Polytechnic, Ibadan Students’ Representatives Council (SRC) which is the Senate House of the entire Students’ Union Government has impeach the Students’ Union President over Gross Misconduct, misappropriation of funds as well as abuse of power in the office.

This action was done after a sitting of the house today 29th June, 2021.

The Letter of Impeachment.

According to the SRC, he (the President) was warned severally on different account before they decided themselves to impeach him.

However, Press Council correspondent in order to maintain objectivity, got the order of the proceedings at the house. The Senators who sat at their 2nd time for the semester at GC2 The Polytechnic, Ibadan maintained the stance that they’re the one by virtue of the SUG The Polytechnic, Ibadan constitution resulted to the impeachment of the SUE President (Com. Fadare Blessing). Hence, there was the presence of the security officials, and in accordance to the attendance, there was the presence of principal officer of the house and a 2/3 majority of the house.

While speaking at the house, on the account of misconduct that was leveled against the President, the house maintained that firstly, a Bus Terminal opposite Microfinance Bank beside DPP office was painted and branded with a notch of Fadare Bus stop. Thus, he has been warned but he neither heed to their advice nor respond to their observation that the Bus Terminal since it’s for the entire Students’ Union, it should be changed, branded to SUG Bus Stop.

Moreso, the House levelled the allegation about the renaming of the SUG building after Late Comrade Adeniran Adeyemi aka Likedat who was once a SUG President, a chairman of Press Council and a Comrade of repute and sincerity during his lifetime. The house decided that they are not carried along or briefed prior the actions of the President before he singlehandedly do so.

Moreso, in order to be fair and unbias, the Press council made clarifications about from the house about the charge on Misappropriation of Fund. Hence, the house as senators who are present at the proceeding spoke that they have requested for the statement of account of the Union from the President and he has failed to tender the financial document.

Also, there are so many projects executed by the SUE and they wondered who signed the budget for such project. They mentioned the issue that sorrounded an Award Presentation Day where the Chief of Staff to Oyo State Government (Chief Bisi Ilaka) and host of others was awarded, the house maintained that they’re not informed about the financial considerations of the program.

Also, Press Council spoke with some officials of the Senate House to affirm if the President has been given fair hearing, prior warning, consultation, consolidation before they resulted into the constitutional confrontation.
Immediately, a letter of impeachment that was signed was issued and presented.

Hence, effort to reach out to the SUE President as of the time of filling this report was not reachable.

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