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By: Adeniji Sodiq Ademola

Recent happenings at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, have seen students report questionable emails from an identity traced to be identified as Beneficiary Identity Management Scheme (BIMS).

At the late hours of Monday, September 18th, 2023, many students of the institution have begun to raise outcries about some emails, which are requesting students to “update” their profiles and submit some personal information via a provided website link, attached to the mails.

These “suspicious emails” have left many questions unanswered in the hearts of the students, and majority of the students are now left confused and perplexed.

However, launching into investigations, the Press Council gathered that the ‘suspicious emails’ could be a potential threat of phishing scams and cyber threats or perhaps, something beneficial to the students.

However, a source from the management of the institution, has told the Press Council, to advise the students to ignore these emails and refrain from clicking on any links contained within them.

The source also emphasized on the need for students to await further directives and official confirmation regarding the legitimacy and validity of these emails, as no one knows what the future of the links unfolds.

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