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With half of the semester far spent, students of Mass Communication are yet to attend practical classes despite inclusion on time tables.The excellence performance of students in practical aspects has been earning The Polytechnic, Ibadan, glory over the years in labour market, with students performing brilliantly on field.

The overwhelming performance of Polytechnic students on their various field of study has also given Polytechnics an outstanding identity amongst other types of higher institutions.

However, the fate of Mass Communication students in labour market has been dangling in the air. Despite inclusion in time tables, practical classes are yet to hold in the department.

Just as it is believed that Mass Communication as a course, deals solely with practicals, and the labour market has no provision for quacks to learn on the job. The present situation at the department isn’t helpful to learning students who will be representing the department and the institution at large, in the media world.

It is the sixth (6th) week of the semester already, and the atmosphere in the latter part of the semester will be more of activities like elections, day celebrations, amongst other events. The assurance that the department will cover up for the wasted half of the semester isn’t guaranteed. However, the dawn of a new change is being anticipated.

As at the time this report is being gathered, the reason why the practical classes hasn’t been feasible is yet to be known to students.

By Hikmah

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