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By Emiola Shukroh Adedolapo

Without any modicum of doubt, academics can be said to be a processing ground for all individuals who might have patronized it for help. Many find it difficult to sail through the storms that come with studying and being literate, while some live in the beautiful moments of it with fewer challenges. However, success in academia can be measured by passing through a furnace to become a gold.

Most students are fortunate to be a carrier of wisdom, which has led to being a member of a particular citadel of knowledge, where academic excellence is being fought for, but, not all fortunate students value the rare opportunity that comes their way of being a literate, and on the other end, some are a good beneficiary of the opportunity, depending on one’s focus and vision.

For the basic instance, an institution can be compared with a gift shop. Some go in to purchase gift items, while some visit it for window shopping with the hope of buying one day. Some do not even go in at all, due to the mindset that entry is not compulsory, but, it’s sometimes quite unfortunate that those who go in sometimes fail to shop right.

The value of education may or may not be seen, but the training (processing) is always evident.

“This piece is to encourage dedicated academicians not to relent in their pursuit. The vision of academics should always be worn, as academics are a golden furnace to success.”

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