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  • By Lolusryt

Imagine half a dozen student sitting in pairs trying to paint a new, iconic and historic image for their esteem clubs; imagine different sects of disciplined students engulfed by the spirit of intellectualism. This is the classical scene at the 2019 Corporate Bankers Club Literary competition.

Established in the year 1995 by FCIB Olakunle Ajayi at Ire Polytechnic, Osun State; the Corporate Bankers Club of Banking and Finance Department of The Polytechnic, Ibadan stem with the main objective of promoting and educating members in ethical standard and professional code of conduct and inculcating in members, the virtues of leadership, sense of maturity, personal integrity and responsibility.

The unprecedented literary competition, organized by CBCB Akinyoola Joshua – led set 17 administration, held on the 12th of March, 2019 at CEC Block B3 featured debate and quiz competition. The glorious event had in attendance: an alumnus of Corporate Bankers Club, NCBCB Ogunjide Bosun; participants from Managers Club; Participants from Prudent Underwriters Club and Corporate Bankers Club members, which had eighty percent of the attendance.

The clubs that participated in the literary competition are Corporate Bankers Club of Banking and Finance Department, Managers Club of Business Administration Department and Prudent Underwriters Club of Insurance Department. Joint Minds Club of Accountancy Department, though, was also invited but was disqualified from the inception due to their absence.

The host club, Corporate Bankers Club emerged second in the Quiz competition and together with Prudent Underwriters Club, won the debate competition. Though, the debate session was initially scheduled to be 2 clubs (PUC and CBC) against 2 clubs (JMI and Managers Club), believing that all the clubs would be present. Unfortunately, the absence of the Joint Minds Club left their other partner (Managers Club) gullible and vulnerable to their opponent.

On the same vein, Prudent Underwriters Club of Insurance Department, with a great level of instinct express their literary superiority among these clubs both in Quiz and Debate competition, as the debate competition was won together with corporate bankers Club.

The Topic of the debate being “Military Rule is better than Civilian Rule in Nigeria” was absolutely demystified by these two debaters’ crew with different points, leaving the judges with no other option than to critically and meticulously pick out the winner in order to avoid partiality. However, the judge from the Managers Club expressed his disgruntlement over some sudden change that was made concerning the debate, being the main reason for their performance.

The closing remark was given by the Corporate Bankers Club’s alumnus, NCBCB Ogunjide Bosun after gifts and and awards were given to the contestants. And the Chief of Bankers Club, CBCB Akinyoola Joshua expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone present, as the program came to a close.

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