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By Press Council.

In response to several speculations regarding the registration of Psychometrics Studies, the Students’ Union Government, under the leadership of Comrade Oloyede Okiki, has enjoined students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, to commence registration of the course.

According to the memo made available to Press Council, by the Public Relations Officer of the Union, Comrade Mubarak Bankole, students can now proceed to register for the course.

“Following several scrutiny of the Psychometrics course by the Students’ Union and some concerned bodies, the SUG wishes to inform all ND1, ND2 & HND1 students to proceed with their registration for the course.” the memo reads.

Giving reasons for the endorsement, the Union disclosed that the course has now been registered with NBTE and will now reflect on course forms henceforth.

“During scrutiny, the Union discovered that the course has been duly registered and approved by the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE).
Hence making it mandatory for students to register. Consequently, the course would now be available on students course forms”

The memo also unveiled the effectiveness of the course, stating it’s usefulness for NYSC.

“In addition, the Union learnt that sequel to the NBTE’s approval, the course has become a prerequisite for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).”

However, according to the memo, students offering the course will be awarded an internationally recognized certificates after the course.

“Similarly, it was discovered that the course is general and it’s an international course, one whose importance cannot be overemphasized. After participating in the course, the Psychometrics office will issue an internationally recognized certificate to all students.”

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