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“The polytechnic Ibadan is not just a school you attend and you expect not to be taught. No, you will be taught very well and you also need to build yourself. Most students find it difficult to build themselves, they just believe let me read my note. If I read my note I will pass” . That was the words of the overall best student of the institution.

It was an atmosphere filled with glee, admiration and clapping ovation as all eyes were on Abduganeey Mubarak Olayiwola of the department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science as he was presented as the overall best student of the institution for 2017/2018 academic session at the 34th convocation grand finale held on Friday 13th December 2019 at the sports pavilion, North Campus.

In his keynote address, the institution’s Rector Professor Kazeem Adebiyi, “The Polytechnic ibadan has trained you not only to make use of your brains but more importantly your hands, You should be job creators not job seekers”. “The graduation exercise is to crown the efforts of the graduates after a successful and hard-working academic exercise”.
However,he emphasized lots of achievements the school has attained in her bid to promote education in the state as well as Nigeria at large. “Education demands sacrifices on the part of parents, the society and various donor agencies, as we live in a world where appreciation of knowledge is never an on ending one”.
“The diploma you are receiving today will make you proud, there is no inferiority in you except that which you allowed”. He said

The convocation ceremony which was preceded with a lecture held on 12th Thursday December, 2019 at the Assembly Hall, North campus by Professor Ayobami Ojebode (Department of Communication and Language Arts. University of Ibadan ) titled, The Dream, challenges, and reality of Contemporary Nigeria for fresh graduates .
Hence, students were groomed on the prospects of their dream, challenges and reality as well as bridging the gap between the dream and reality. “To survive this reality of contemporary Nigeria, the graduates must be well informed. What do you do with your phones? Do you know of whattpad or all you know is WhatsApp? when graduates fully prepare and develop themselves, the labour market would become a true market”, He said.

The governor, who was represented by Prof. Daud Shangodoyin, the state Commissioner for Education, said that his administration appreciated quality academic culture and would not do anything to hinder its development.
“My administration is determined to salvage the education sector from its malaises”.

“The problem facing education is multifaceted, but we are prepared, more than ever before, to confront the problem and make the state a model educational state to be emulated by others in terms of quality personnel engaged in academic activities at all levels.

“The budget recently presented to the state House of Assembly has given education the highest allocation of 22 percent, hence we hope that Oyo State will bounce back as the leading educational state and fountain of knowledge setting the pace for others.
“To ensure the accreditation of all your courses, the sum of N200 million was approved and released to your institution with the hope that the money would be spent judiciously and accreditation of all listed courses secured.”
“We have also approved a sum of N100 million in the 2020 budget for the execution of capital projects in the institution. All these, from the present records available to me, have not happened in the institution in the last 10 years,” he said.

The Governor noted that the major challenge in tertiary institutions in the country was electricity, saying that it has hindered learning and researches. He however, said it is imperative to put an end to the dichotomy between university and polytechnic education in Nigeria as was done in the United Kingdom.

Professor Dahud Kehinde Shangodoyin, who spoke in his capacity as the commissioner for education, assured that government would do it’s positive best to take the institution to an enviable position.

“This institution needs repositioning not only to maintain a fourth position among its counterparts, but to be the foremost polytechnic at the national and international standard, taking the lead role in technological innovation ,” he said.

The commissioner applauded to the peaceful working relationship with the unions and the staff, expressing the optimisms such that it would translate into quality level of performance in promoting the status of the institution.
He therefore charged the graduands of the positive strategies they should medle into so that they’ll be able to survive the aftermath of graduation process.

. Interview with the best graduating student.
Press : Congratulation sir on your new success, how do you feel as the best graduating student of The polytechnic Ibadan.
Mr Abdul : am just surprise, and I thank God.
Press : how were u able to attain this height during you stay in school?
Mr Abdul: once you are discipline and you set a goal for yourself.
Press : do you have a girlfriend during your stay on campus
Mr Abdul: I do, and the both of us graduated with a Distinction from our department.
Press : during your stay on campus, what are the challenges you faced.
Mr Abdul:the challenges I faced is not just in school you will be taught very well, even when you are taught, you are expected to know more, and with that you need to make research. The polytechnic Ibadan is not just a school you attend and you expect not to be taught. No. you will be taught very well and u also need to build yourself. Most student find it difficult to build themselves, they just believe let me read my note..if I read my note I will pass.
Press: what are the secret to your success
Mr Abdul: the secret is just to read read read, I never forget the things I was taught in the secondary school, if you don’t know basic chemistry, there is nothing they will teach you here that you will understand.I go back to my secondary school note. Once you have the basic knowledge of your course you will understand what you are been taught.
Press : whats your advice to the students to be able to attain this kind of success
Mr Abdul: I will tell them to sit tight, never forget anything they are been taught right from cradle.
Press : were you involved in any political or social activities while in school.
Mr Abdul: it was just my studies alone.
Press : thank you for your time and we wish you more success as you go outside.

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