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By Press Council.

The association of student representatives, Forum of Presidents, has blown hot on the extortions targeted at the students by the management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

According to the memo made available to Press Council, the Forum Of President has accused the management of massive and illegal extortions from the students.

“This is to bring to the public notice, the massive and illegal extortions from students by the management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan.”

“The students have been facing difficulties and intimidations by the school management for a long while and it has gotten to a stage of inconveniences, both for the student leaders and regular students on campus.” – the memo says.

It could be recalled that the association of student representatives, which consists of presidents of faculties, indigenous, departments and recognized associations on campus, had invited the management of the institution to a meeting, to address the issues affecting the students of the institution. The students had invited the Rector, Chairman Governing Council, Public Relations Officer and the Dean, Students’ Affairs of the institution.

Scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, 11th and 12th of October, at Assembly Hall, North Campus, the meeting was acknowledged by the presence of the Dean, Students’ Affairs only. However, till the time this report is being gathered, the reason for the absence of others, is yet to be known to the agitating students.

Following the “futile” meeting with the management, the Forum Of President, under the leadership of Comrade Akeem Azeez, has decided to make the pain and demands of the students known to the public.

According to the circulating memo, the Forum is demanding the management to:

  1. Scrap Psychometrics Studies mandated for all students
  2. Scrap Biometrics ID card payment of ₦3,000.00
  3. Remove the ₦20,000.00 imposed on late payment of school fees
  4. Lift embargo on all Social and Association activities.
  5. Upgrade the school portal for smooth timely registration.
  6. Provide light and other basic conveniences in school hostels.
  7. EED double payment and unstable fixed school fees.
  8. Make results available as at when due.

The memo also has a note of warning, instructing every student of the institution not to make any payment to the institution, till their demands are met by the management.

“Note: Till these demands are met, no student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, should make any payment whatsoever into the institution’s account (either manually or digitally).

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