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By Press Council

In a bid to press home their demands and call for urgent justification, the occupants of the Olori hostel, have conducted peaceful protest over lack of power supply and shortage of room space.

The students displayed their grievances as early as 7:00am in front of the Olori hostel, today.

They claimed that the management does not take priority in their welfarism by denying them electricity, water when needed and also overloaded the rooms with new occupants which affects their health negatively.

According to them, “In last session, the management used to give us light at night which made things easier then. Since the commencement of this session, they never power the generating set for us, and as a result of this, we always find it difficult to get water and do some chores in our rooms”

“They over loaded each room unlike before that we used to have two people in a room. At Ramat hostel, yesterday, a lady vomited because of the heat that emanates from the rooms”

While addressing the press council at the event, the Dean of Students Affairs faulted the lack of power supply on campus, on the increment in diesel price.

“If we want to power this axis, it takes us 200litres per 2hrs. As I speak to you the diesel is 1,050 Naira per litre and it is not even the money that matters but to get it is the real problem. We told the students that this is not sustainable and that’s why we went for Plan B with the IBEDC, which is still ongoing. When it is done, polyibadan will be enjoying 15hr to 18hrs power supply per day unless there is no light in Ibadan”, Makinde added

In his response to the hotels overloading, Makinde said that, a room used to contain four students, but during COVID-19 pandemic the management reduced it to two, and after the pandemic they increased the number to three instead of four.

He assured the aggrieved students that the overloading and other complaints will be tabled and addressed by the management before Wednesday.

“On or before two weeks everything will be done, and also when the diesel is available, we will power the generating sets”, he promised.

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