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By: Heaven’s Path

Weeks in, weeks out;
Not identified, not known,
In a gathering of scholars,
Where identities are displayed,
On chests like a badge.

Touching a lady for questioning,
She yelled!
I won’t stain you calm down – I said,
Her rhetorical response gave me a migraine. ‘yeah you
won’t stain me, but are you a student?’.

I almost spill out tears,
but, I held on to it.
I used to be a hard guy,
Who don’t rants,
but I’m just a hard Introvert who have a softening heart.

Her beautiful look,
Left me in silence,
I observed before I entered,
Just because I have no identity,
I lost a great
potential in a hard way, Touching a green
grass won’t turn it unidentified;

I’m not at fault.
I do not have an identity,
Does not implies that I will tarnish
your identified image.
Don’t blame it on me,
I found myself in a place where identity isn’t prioritized and cherished.

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