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The Polytechnic, Ibadan, logo.

By Press Council.

Over the years, graduates of Polytechnics have always been subjected to discrimination and preferential treatments against their counterparts in Universities. However, despite the dichotomy, products of Polytechnics have been gathered not to only stand against the wave of discrimination, but also to be at the peak of whatever profession or business they step into.

Speaking of influence, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, amongst other Polytechnics in Nigeria, is of no doubt, one of the best and foremost Polytechnics in the country.

Combining the in-depth study that could be found at universities with practicals, technology-based skills trainings, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, is also intense and highly technical, but also incredibly rewarding. All these constituted to the outstanding and magnified prestige of the the institution.

Few months ago, HND 1 students of Mass Communication, from the institution proved to the world that regardless of whatever discrimination awaiting them in the labour market, they are well equipped to outmanoeuvre them. The students left the jaws of attendees drooling saliva as they turned their classroom into a broadcasting studio.

With the supervision of Mr Olawale Olagoke, a senior lecturer in charge of Broadcasting, the students were able to host Mrs Theresa Fawale, the Registrar of the institution, who was also astonished and marvelled at the sight and height of creativity, demonstrated by the students. Despite the fact that the government is yet to grant the institution a license to her radio, the live broadcast carried out by the HND 1 students of Mass Communication, has sent a signal to the government and the world at large that the institution is capable of having and running a Radio station.

The Print students of the same department, supervised by another senior lecturer in the department, Mr Olusoji Olatunji, popularly known as King Of Boys (KOB), are not left behind, as they have contributed to the development of the department, pitching the department as the best department in the institution, by launching a magazine in the name of the department. The quality of contents and designs experimented in the magazine would not have been traced to an institution like The Polytechnic, Ibadan, however, the department, through her students, have shown the world that the societal view about graduates of Polytechnics, has nothing to do with the giant imbedded in them.

Taking a inner look into the department, the success and feats achieved by these students could be traced to the qualitative practicals and trainings made available by the department, under the administration of Alhaji Najeemdeen Adunola, the Head Of Department, Mass Communication. Alhaji Adunola, whom majority of the students address as “a good father” has been contributing immensely to the growth of the department and the institution at large, by equipping his students to be the best amongst their contemporaries in the society.

However, economically speaking, Mass Communication department, is a salient source of income to the institution, provided the needs of the department are met by the government. A licenced Radio station, managed by seasoned and equipped officials would not only alleviate unemployment, it would also help the institution generate income through adverts, coverages and other means of generating income. Also upgraded and sophisticated facilities and equipments would make productions easier for students of the department and the institution at large.

Photo Credit: ASCOM Press

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