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Matthew Ogunwale (The Great Poet)

Can we say we practice democracy?
For division wants to be an history,
Every where is unsafe in the country,
Wracked by rampant banditry
Insecurity and armed robbery.

June 12, A day of hope
Become well packaged with deceit,
Squandering the hope of populace
Evokes memories of the
pan – Nigeria mandate
Given to Abiola.

As Abiola stood for “HOPE”
Slogan to fight for freedom
A roar shout of victory
Celebrations of June 12, 1993
Witnessing the freest and fairst
Democratic presidential election of Nigeria.

Oh! Our democracy is engulfed with Darkness
Judas is found among our June 12 brothers
While there is always a judas in every disciples
A better democratic is what’s clamoured by the masses

Rather they keep on manifesting craziness
The politicians judaizing our rights
When will they seem to be repentant
Like Peter after the cock crowed
To prevent danger of looming crises.

Lord have mercy!
Never did we forget aftermath 1993 atrocities
They are still evident in governances
Protesters are violently under suppression
Alas freedom of speech under repression.

Our constituted authority is filled with corruption
Oh God of creation!
Direct our country back on the path of national cohesion
And to the positive value of June 12 election

Notably with hope of liberty
Hope of justice and uprightly
Hope of equality
To be restored back on our dear country

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