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May 21, 2022
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Nigeria go Better; An Epitaph of a Young Nigerian. The coming back of the Bluebird n this rotten country

By: Ajayi Toyyib

“Nigeria go better” has been the popular saying over the years even before I was born in this part of the world in the past two(2) decades. Despite the intensity of actions and innovations of some people over the years, I can only see that things are getting worse with time. Moreover, the experience I have gotten becomes more bitter anytime I see movies, listen to intellectual music or read any article or publications that condemns and laments the devastating state of things, even in the past second and third republic.

A song by late Chief Sikiru Ayinde(barrister) lamented on the state of things during the 80s, all in other to create awareness, the true image of the state of the country to the face of all. Stated in the lyrics of the music is the hike price of goods consumed by the innocent citizens, as well as the selfish style of governance and politics employed by the so-called Nigeria government. I believe an articulated mind should be able to easily understand my points here, but the question is who are we to blame in this case?

Do you think there is nothing wrong with Nigeria as a whole? Do you still hope Nigeria will be better one day? Or do we refer to all these problems as normal politics?

It is only in Nigeria that we give ourselves fruitless hope. And in the second minute cursing the state. In America, the phrase ‘God bless America’ is the everyday prayer of their citizens. Yes, prayers might not seem to be the solution, but to me, I feel those three words are beyond prayer. It only catalyzes for its citizens to know that they both own the country and must put actions, efforts and prayers in togetherness in other to form a great country. In short, that particular prayer instigates and triggers unification towards a better nation-state. As an ideal analyst, looking at our endowment and all, should America be better than us? Yes, we are Africans and distinct from them in ideology but our Africanity should not be the basis of deteriorating the state of the country. While many European countries have set the visions of over 200 years for the coming generations. As a nation in Africa, do we have two years vision?

We need to forget the fact that we have once been colonized, or that the amalgamation by our colonial master was wrong, or saying that the independence we had was a mistake. The question remains, why couldn’t we properly utilize our all-around resources to develop the country as a nation? It is rather perceived, right from independence that we no more see ourselves as one Nigeria, everyone (each tribe i.e. Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba) just want to survive and be the best nation in the federation. Nepotism, favouritism, tribalism and ethnocentrism (corruption) have been adopted in the country and has been a worst bane confronting our development.

If that had not been the case, our Nigeria of today will not be that Nigeria where justice is intentionally detained for denial(and ordinary citizen no longer perceive the essence of law), Rice, petroleum and other consumable goods now have the prices multiplied. Even an ordinary garri is no more meant for the poor (nothing has a lesser price, everything has become gold like the common saying), education which the popular saying referred to be the key to success is no more in our dear green,white, green country, Nigerian youths (leaders of tomorrow) no more have hope in themselves and not even in the country herself, the prayer of most people is just to survive, whether dubious means or not and be able to achieve their dream of travelling abroad. In short, the mouths of the concerned Nigerians are dry like the sound of the desert and everyone now cuts soap for one other.

This is no more the giant of Africa it used to be, rather a crippled dwarf in Africa. Nations of the federation now have their hope on secession which is prone and liable to happen as we had a treat of the Biafran war in the early years of independence. The disheartening state of this country will not let me discuss extensively, the salient issues as they are obvious to be affecting us. Nevertheless, the only way out of the woes of this country is for us to change our mindset. Unfortunately, I have had several thoughts that this could not be possible because corruption has hit the nation big time (in all ramifications), and that is why this country is getting worse as days eludes days.

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