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Good day to fellow gossips, here we bring to you one of the contemporary issues to discuss, which is the “internet fraud and EFCC manhunt.”



These are questions for all, and below are answers from different people based on their perspectives.

Yahoo is illegitimate as it is against a source of accumulating wealth because it is not entrenched in the constitution. Once any activity you engage in is against the laws of the land, it is illegitimate”Mr. Kunle Oyewo (Lecturer, Public Administration Department)

Yahoo is illegitimate because they engage in rituals and some sorts of charms and devilish acts.” Ishola Timileyin (Public Administration)

Yahoo is legitimate because once the so called Yahoo guys gained their wealth, they invest with their money, thereby reducing the rate of unemployment.” – Amarachi (Banking and Finance)

Yahoo is legitimate because they help to reduce the rate of armed robbery and kidnapping” – Adewale (Public Administration)

Yahoo is illegitimate because they rejoice at the expense of other’s sadness” Damola (Estate Management and Valuation)

“Internet Fraud (Cybercrime) connotes crime as the name implies, and as entrenched in the constitution. Causes maybe poverty, peer group influence, greed among others. The negative effects of this act are incessant deaths, vulnerable to devilish acts, erratic behaviours, and national values. Possible way out surely are, strict punishment by law enforcement agency, contentment, re-orienting the youths etc.” Mr. Ogunleye Ayodele Augustine (Lecturer, GNS Department)


“The rate of crime is unprecedented, the perpetuators are source of insecurity, and unethical agents to the society. Their arrest should be based on fairness, proven and balanced, without jeopardizing their fundamental human rights. If it were to be advanced countries, they would have been apprehended through the internet, but because in Nigeria, we don’t have that sophisticated technology, the EFCC had resorted to the crude means of apprehension. But once they are apprehended, within 24 hours, if found guilty, they should be arraigned to court, and if otherwise they should be released.” Engr. Dr. Taiwo Isaac Oyedeji (Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Department)

EFCC manhunt will be praised because they are trying to reduce the rate of internet fraud, because if this issue is not checked, it will forfeit us, youth, in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.” Awe Emmanuel (Electrical Engineering Department)

If I would begin with a question, – other than EFCC manhunt, is there any other way of stopping this nefarious act? Firstly, the blame of this internet fraud is on the government because unemployment serves as the bedrock of the problem. Young minds who had gone through many stages of education needed to be engaged, their intelligence needed to be harnessed, and when there is no medium for such, they indulge in this act of internet fraud, for we all know, an idle hand is a devil’s workshop. On the contrary, EFCC has only been on the verge to curb these unruly act. But EFCC apprehension will always be futile because if these people are apprehended, convicted and later released, if they have nothing to fall back on, they’ll come to this act as it is the only means to survive for Nigeria has been reduced to a jungle, and survival is a fight only for the fittest.” – Revd. Jonathan Adegoke (Lecturer, Mass Communication Department)

The manhunt is supposedly good, but we should know that their indulgence is due to poor economic condition of the country” – Akorede (Civil Engineering Department)

“The belief of these fraudsters is, the foreigners had swindled Africans before, so they are only getting back from them what they had taken from us. Prior this time, internet fraud is nailed to dropouts, but nowadays, it is rampant within the youths. Nowadays, of five youths you take to sample, one of them will be a yahoo boy, that is to tell you how bad it has become. But before apprehending these people, we should know why they are venturing into these acts, which are – flair for material things and the zeal to blend to trends; peer influence, lack of wealthy background. On the peer influence, since you don’t value what you don’t work for, such money earned won’t be valued, and as such has led to the way they spend lavishly, intimidating their peers. Solutions to this: Parent should be more cordial to their children, and alive to their responsibilities; the youth should be engaged wholesomely; orientate the citizens by instilling moral disciplines and values, etc. But the EFCC are doing a great job in curbing this nefarious act that paint us black internationally.”Mrs. Salawu Olaide (Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics Department, Former Dean, Faculty of Science)

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