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By: Lawal Blessing Olajumoke

Today, 20th of March 2024, the Students Union Government, led by Com. Oyekan Tobiloba Emmanuel kicked-off the disbursement of Ramadan palliatives to students of The Polythecnic, Ibadan at the Students Union Building, North Campus of the Institution.

The Palliative programme was organized to ease Muslim faithfuls who are observing the Ramadan fast as well as every other students in a time as this, when there is a hike in the prices of food items across the country.

In the remark of the SUG President, Com. Oyekan Tobiloba Emmanuel, he stated that their aim and objective is to feed the maximum of 5000 students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, and they have been able to achieve at least, 800 out of this number, and that this is just the first phase of distribution, while the second phase will be next week. “The welfare of the students is our concern”, the President added.

A student from the Architecture department, who pleaded to remain anonymous expressed her happiness on the fact that the palliative is meant for both Muslims and Christians. “I will also like to commend the effort of the organizers for their ability to be able to control this kind of crowd”, the student retorted.

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