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By Press Council

In the early hours of Monday, 26th September, 2022, Sophia Friday, a student of Banking and Finance (ND 1) experienced the battle between life and death, as she had black memories on her first day on campus.

Sophia, (age undisclosed), a fresh student on campus, dedicated and promising, had beautiful intentions to come into the citadel of technological innovations for academic excellence, but recorded bad memories as she had fatal fractures in her left limb while on the pursuit of studentship registration, which made her to an occupant of the University College Hospital (UCH).

Sophia at UCH

Amongst other victims that were rushed into the institution’s medical center, Adams Waris was also involved in the accident that led to the fracture of Sophia’s left limb. Waris was left with several bruises and cuts that almost took his life as he was rushed into the medical center grasping, but was however revived.

According to the doctor on duty at the institution’s medical center, Sophia and Waris’ accident wasn’t the only accident that took place at the institution on Monday. She said, “They first brought in two students, who we started attending to. After five minutes, they took the other victims in. They said another accident happened at that same junction, and we started attending to them.”

“While attending to those ones, they brought in another lady. Immediately I saw her and the way she was lifted, I knew it was likely to be a fracture, so we admitted her to the ward. After the examination, I noticed that she had a fracture. The Dean, Student Affairs was called to see what was going on. We made him understand that in order to know the extent of the fracture which the lady had, we’d have to carry out an x-ray, but before we conducted the x-ray, we did our own nursing care which we ought to have done. We did it and that was how we discovered that she had not eaten on that day. We encouraged her to have a drink and a pain reliever was given to her and she was reassured, because she kept asking me ‘Mummy, today is my first day in school, will I still be able to walk?’ And I told her she would walk, and would, by the special grace of God, come back to school. She will walk.”

(How Waris almost lost his life to death at the scene of the incident)

Adams Waris at medical center, TPI.

“They said both of them were on bike. That one, his condition was somehow critical when he was brought in, he was almost gasping. We did all the necessary things that we ought to do, to revive him, before he eventually came around. He had bruises all over, which were stitched, dressed and other necessary things that ought to be done were done on him. He was observed till evening yesterday. Before he went home, I told him to come back this morning to change his dresses and he came.”

(Sophia’s X-ray test revealed her condition)

“We were thinking if it was just a minor fracture, our doctors would handle it, but when the result of the x-ray came out, we realized it was beyond what we could handle because the fracture was multiple. We contacted her parents, to seek their consent before taking her to UCH, in the company of her friends and the Dean.” she added.

Paying a visit to her at UCH, Sophia was met at the Emergency Unit of UCH, relaxing, with her mother and friend beside her. However, she engaged Press Council’s correspondents before their departure.

“First of all, when I left the house, I went to the guy that’s helping me with the registration forms and everything at the music market, when I got to his shop, he told one of his boys to take me to where I could get a 5 subject notebook. We went together on the guy’s bike to a building close to the Mass Communication department. We got the book, so on our way back, a car just stopped at the front without traffikating. The way the car stopped abruptly and the bike maintained its normal speed, it wasn’t easy for the guy to control the bike, so before the guy could hold the brake, it had already hit the car, and then another car beside also hit the bike, but the car left. I think they held the car that did not trafficate that just stopped.”

“I met myself on the floor, my leg got twisted, it was shaking. When they carried me, my leg was shaking. They took me to the health center. They gave me an injection. After the injection, they said I needed to go to Total Care to get an x-ray to see if it was something they could treat. When I got to Total Care, they did the x-ray. They now told me that I had fractures, that two of my bones were broken. So, after the x-ray, we went back to the health center. The school health center said it’s not something they can do that they have to bring me to UCH, that they were thinking it’s just one bone. That was how they brought me to the UCH.”

“At UCH, they gave me two options; surgery or casting. What they said about the surgery is that they are going to tear my leg and put a rod inside, then stitch it back, or they’re going to do casting for me like this one they did, they’re just going to use P.O.P., but they said the surgery is like I’m going to heal fast, but the iron is still going to be in my body like forever. So, I said, I don’t want that one, and even if this one is going to take time, I would prefer this one to that surgery.” she added.

(Press Council correspondent engaged Waris to hear his side of the story.)

“I noticed the car wanted to make a turn, but since the driver didn’t traffikate or show any sign that he was going to make a turn, I thought it was going straight then, and that was how I hit the car from behind while making the turn. In the process of hitting the car, the rear of my bike shifted to another lane and that was how another car bashed us from the side.”

“I didn’t know what happened afterwards, I just know I was in the medical center,” he said.

In a bid to follow up with the whole situation, Press Council visited the security department of the institution for further enquiries, and Press Council gathered that the car that caused the awful incident belongs to a staff in the institution.

The Press council was also made to understand that the necessary steps have been taken on the car and would be handed over to the management, for legal and proper action about the car.

Sophia Friday is a student of Banking and Finance (ND1) while Adams Waris, is a part-time student of Civil Engineering (ND1).

Victims of other accidents sustained a few bruises and cuts, and have been attended to and taken care of.

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