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World Tourism Day: Poly’Badan Museum deserves a look

By Toheeb Babalola.

The ceramic studio in The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

Every September 27, trillions of people with different culture, languages and religions all over the world, unite to commemorate the world tourism day which is also known as travellers’ day.

World tourism day is a day which travellers, explorers and fun lovers have asterisked and tagged as a “Special day of the year” on their calendar, apart from their birthdays, simply because the day is not only for fun, but also for history exploration.

In some developed countries, today is often observed as public holiday so that citizens and non-citizens, residing in such countries, would have the privilege to explore the Tour Sites and move around notable places for relaxation and facts-finding in the countries, which goes a long way in expanding their economies.

While marking “Irin Ajo Afe” today, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, should not take a back seat when acknowledging thousands museums and tour-sites within the country. In welcoming and entertaining tourists, the interior setting of the institution’s, museum and ceramics studios is enough to wow the audience, not to talk about the amazing interiors.

It is on record that The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has been one of the best producers of talents since her establishment, and her museum and ceramics studios, which are exceptional, are a confirmation of this virtue.

Art Construction Workshop

Located at the North Campus of the institution, the Ceramic studio, Graphic design studio and museum, are occupied with great artworks, Adire Textiles, woodworks, etc. in different patterns which depict the histories and beauty of the past heroes, towns, and as well, showcased the beauty of Africa.

However, these artworks were created, built, moulded, carved and designed by the students during their practicals and projects; and there is no other way to nicely give the young talents kudos and credits, for the job well-done, is by making the studios accessible to the general public; within and outside the institution, for tourism visits on occasional days, to explore the art works.

Economically speaking, making the studios suitable for visits and tourism activities, is another way of generating income to the institution. The institution can obviously pull a huge amount of money, if the studios are being made available for exploration.

In an interview with a student of the Department of Art and Design Technology, Miss Clara Oyinlola Omowumi, stated that their works are lacking exposure due to the fact that majority of people do not value them. She emphasised that it would be a thing of joy and encouragement, if the general public or prominent people visit them on occasional days.

According to her, “These artworks can be a source of income for a nation, but people do not value them. One can feel bad, when you create somethings of high value with your hands and no one appreciate it”

Previous Artworks.

“I implore the Oyo state government to support our museum and art studios for its growth”, she added

Therefore, regular visitation to these studios by the general public or personalities in town on occasional days will not only boost the internal generated revenue of the institution but put her in the limelight.

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