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By Press Council.

It was at the late hours of Friday 7th of July, that Osiboyejo Samuel, popularly known as General Chopper, got pierced, following a brief quarrel that had ensued between Chopper’s officers and their fellow students.

The ugly incident which took place at the Man’O War base, at the North Campus of the institution, ensued after Chopper’s boys tried to stop some students from passing through the dilapidated wall behind the base, which leads to the outside of the institution.

It was gathered that an argument ensued, which eventually led to Samuel sustaining an injury by his right eye.

While speaking with the correspondence of Press Council, Osiboyejo Samuel explained his side of the story.

“We we’re just having a nice time at the base, when those women selling stuff over there came to meet us that there are some guys smoking over there, and they came in through your base. I had to apologize to them.”

“We had stopped these guys from taking the route, but they dared us to try to stop them, and due to the languages he used, one of my boys approached him, and before we knew what was happening, one of those guys landed a plank on his head. Immediately I sensed how brutal these guys might want to be, I rushed in and brought out my ‘pepper spray’, and sprayed the scene with it, leaving them choked, and that was how I took my boy away from the scene.”

“When they had regained their breath, one of them came to me and asked me that I am the one who sprayed pepper spray right? I answered that what did you do when one of you bashed my boy’s head with a plank. We were still exchanging words peacefully, when I felt a heavy blow landed on my face, before I knew what was happening, I was covered in blood.”

While explaining who ‘these guys’ were, Chopper said he was able to identify them by their uniforms.

“The guys were five in number, but I could trace them to be students from Accountancy department, due to their uniform, also I could vividly identify one of them. My guys were able to catch one, who was taken to the security unit, and later led to the apprehension of the culprit”.

When asked the reason for stopping fellow students from taking the route, Samuel explained his ordeal with the Chief Security Officer of the institution.

“Prior to that, the CSO of the institution would always come here and shout at us that it is through the opening at our base that people with guns enter the institution, and since then, we’ve stopped students from passing through the route. It is either we stop them or send them back.”

However, according to the Chief Security Officer in the institution, ASP Waheed, who identified the incident as a severe one, explained to Press Council, that the case is beyond what people think it is.

“Like I said, the case is beyond me, so it has been referred to Sango Police Station. The boy is now in Sango police station as I speak to you.” – the CSO explained in a phone call interview.

However, all effort to reach the alleged culprit, proved abortive, till the moment this report is being gathered.

Osiboyejo Samuel is a student of Insurance Department, who just signed out of the institution hours before the incident. He also doubles as the Chief Training Officer at the institution’s chapter of Man’O War.

There are however, speculations as to the fate of the alleged culprit, who is also a final year student of Accountancy, who is expected to sign out of the institution on Monday, 10th of July, 2023.

Chopper was rushed to the Health Centre of the institution, where he was duly attended to.

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