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November 28, 2020
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EDUCATE YOURSELF ON BREAST CANCER. (In commemoration of Breast Cancer and No Bra Day celebrated on 13th October , 2020.)

Hamzat Ameenat A

In retrospect to my secondary school days, a friend of mine came to me crying because of the persistent pain she was experiencing in her right breast. The young lady in me does not know what advice(s) to give to her. I kept mute for a while and thoughts of all kinds ran through me and later told her to take painkillers possibly the pains would be subdued.

Prior to my advice for her while I was mute, I was thinking why she approached the little me for such medical minded matter, I knew for sure that she had a mother. Then I realised that it was because she saw me with some breast cancer awareness handbills weeks earlier.
Then I had to calm her nerves, sit her down and advised her to surface her pains to her mother and tell her she needs medical assistance. She was reluctant to inform her mother about it and I could understand her because mothers of today do not see the essence to establish a cordial relationship between themselves and their children.
I hugged her, patted her back and told her she would be okay, and that was when I remembered the breast massage therapy. I told her about it and how to go about it by massaging the breast in circular form and observe if there is any discharge running out from her nipple and also check if there are lumps. And that will determine if she is near to be a victim of breast cancer or not.

The next day, she came to me crying that she has breast cancer because she noticed some lumps in her breast while observing the breast massage therapy.
Then I told her to go for medical test in a medical centre, to check if those lumps are cancerous or not. She went for the test and fortunately for her, the lumps weren’t cancerous.

Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women globally both in the developed, developing and under developed countries. Though, there are no specific causes of cancer, but early detection of the disease remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control.
If my friend didn’t speak up when she was experiencing pains, those lumps with time could develop to be cancerous. If she didn’t get rid of the lumps early, she could live as a woman with just a breast when the other is being cut off.

Therefore, it is important to check for the signs and symptoms of breast cancer which Includes;
Presence of lumps in the breast,
Pains in the breast,
Swelling in areas near the breasts,
Discharge from nipple other than breast milk,
Change in the shape of the nipples and swelling under the arm.
In some cases, the above symptoms might not surface, but any of these signs noticed should be reported to the doctor with immediate effect.
Prevention is better than cure. How do you save yourself from the risk of breast cancer?
Breasts examination: This will help in early determination of the presence of Lump(s) and change in the shape of the breast or nipples.
Mammography: This is an X-ray that can help detect any abnormality in the breast(s). Women should at least get mammography done once in a year.

According to report by medical expert, consumption of excessive alcohol by a woman could put her at risk of having breast cancer. Women above the age of 55 are also liable to have cancer. Likewise, women who experience late menopause could be a victim of the aforementioned disease. Women who chose hormone therapy and genetics may also be liable to have breast cancer.
Therefore, #NOBRADAY is a day to celebrate great women who have fought and won breast cancer.Breast cancer is not a death sentence because the fact that a woman is with a breast cancer doesn’t make her less of a womanhood.

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