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It’s quite saddening. I used to be a cool Guy on Campus, Not Until when my Soulmate poked me in the eye

Gone are those days when I looked at my books, like a child looked up at the bright shining stars. “Let’s live a couples life like our friends does” was the word I heard from Sarah subconsciously.

After lectures, I waited in the sun to meet with my optimist crony to walk down the aisle together, as we journey home with a chilled bottle of bigi cola and chips well packaged by Iya Tunde. (Sarah was the Social influential type on campus which I happen to be her opposite, receiving condemns from her based on my mode of dressing like a pastor) Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!!! She yelled at me for not attending the fresher’s party held last night, after hours of expectant from her of me. I explained, it’s not my fault not attending the social event, I’m this religious and God fearing specie who deem it imperative to attend last Friday’s vigil at Church, being the youth prayer coordinator, I have no choice than to decline myself of the event. She wouldn’t listen to my plea, as same issue persists, she rolled her tongue of condemnation to me every time I attend not her social events, until I was forced to dance to her tune.

On that very evening, I understand that the statement, “Love is blind truly exist” What should a religious man do with a Jezebel? Asked my fellowship president, after when I have been forcefully drunk and raped by my so called soulmate-Sarah. I lost my virginity to her, and I became dead but alive. Sequel to the event that transpired, I was ashamed of my position at church, which made me placed a ban to attending church services. Gradually, I began to walk down the way of spirituality, as I attend Social events with Guys in vogue. Smoking become an addiction to me, flirting happens to be my closest friend ever, alcoholic drinks represented me well in dull moments by making me High.

I forgot my home background, I failed to achieve my primary purpose in the institution as I have no certificate to graduate with, only because I gave myself to be poked in the eye.

“Understand Your Primary Purpose First, Pay Focus On It, And Other Things Follows”

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