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By: Ambassador Smithen.

In the heart of Ibadan, within the walls of The Polytechnic, Ibadan – a citadel of technological innovations, a new era dawned fifty days ago. An era that was promised to be of “Collective Fairness”, and today, we stand as witnesses to the unfolding of that promise. The Student Union Executives, led by President Oyekan Tobiloba Emmanuel, a vibrant body of young leaders, have taken the reins with a vigor that has not only inspired but also delivered tangible results.

From the onset, they orchestrated an unprecedented Freshers’ Night – a celebration that crowned Mr. and Miss Fresher, setting a new cultural precedence in the institution’s history. It was a night of joy, unity, and new beginnings, symbolizing the dawn of a new era.

During the just concluded Holy Month of Ramadan, the Union’s spirit of giving shone brightly as they distributed palliatives to about 5000 students, ensuring that the spirit of the season was shared with all, regardless the difference in religious beliefs or background.

The welfarism of hostel residents has seen marked improvements under their watch, with enhancements in; electricity, water supply, and security. These are not mere amenities, but the very foundations of a conducive academic environment.

The crowning achievement, however, was the successful organization of the Orientation and Leadership Summit that was held few days ago. Here, the Union not only guided new minds, but also uplifted them, granting scholarships to 15 deserving students for the semester. It was a testament to their commitment to academic excellence and leadership development.

The ‘Retro Fest’, a welcome back to school party, was not just an event but a celebration of resilience and the enduring spirit of the student populace, as they embark on the second semester.

The Union’s advocacy has not gone unnoticed, as their relentless voice has bridged the gap between the students and the management, easing students’ affairs and fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

With the generous donation of a bus from the State Government, the Union’s mobility and reach have expanded, promising even greater strides in student representation and service delivery. The bus, a symbol of progress, stands ready to transport not just students but hopes and dreams to new destinations.

The students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, have witnessed the dawn of the “Era of Collective Fairness”, and their expectations have soared. They have tasted the fruits of change and they yearn for more. They seek not just solutions but a transformation that will echo through the halls of this great institution for years to come.

As the sun sets on the fiftieth day, the Student Union Executives stand at a crossroad, with the applause of their achievements echoing behind them and the silent hum of challenges ahead. 

Yet, the journey is far from over. As we appraise these commendable efforts, we must also cast a discerning eye on the road ahead. The issues that linger—transportation woes, bushy areas threatening safety, security concerns, digital portal glitches, delayed academic results, the scarcity of public toilets, sweltering learning spaces, in simple terms, inconducive learning environments, and erratic electricity. These are the battles yet to be won.

The transportation system requires an overhaul, ensuring that students can travel without the daily haggles over change or destinations. The bushy areas must be tamed, transforming them from lurking dangers to spaces of tranquility and safety. Security must be tightened, with every student feeling safe within the institution’s confines.

The digital portal, a gateway to learning and progress, needs to be stabilized, providing a seamless experience that complements the academic journey. Results must be timely, allowing students to march confidently towards their future endeavors, be it NYSC, IT placements, or further education.

Public toilets, a basic necessity, should be made available and functional, reflecting the dignity of the student populace. The learning environment must be conducive, with adequate facilities to accommodate the ever-growing number of scholars seeking knowledge within these walls.

Electricity, the lifeblood of modern education, must be consistent and reliable, powering not just lights and fans but the very spirit of innovation and discovery.

These are not mere inconveniences, but barriers to the potential greatness of our institution and its students. We urge the Student Union Executives not to relent in their good work. The foundations have been laid, the path has been charted, and the journey is underway. Let us continue to strive for not just fairness, but excellence, for it is in this pursuit that we shall truly honor the trust bestowed upon us.

The Student Union Executives, armed with the trust of their peers and the support of the state, must now turn their attention to these pressing issues. The call to action is clear and urgent. The students await not just words but actions that will cement the legacy of this administration.

The “Era of Collective Fairness” is not just a mantra; it is a mission. A mission to elevate The Polytechnic, Ibadan, to new heights of excellence and to forge a legacy that will be remembered not just in trophies and titles but in the improved lives of every student.

To the Student Union Executives, we say, “Well done.” But the journey continues, and we look forward to more milestones in this era of collective fairness.

Rise to the challenge, fulfill the promise, and lead us into an era where fairness is not just a word, but a reality.

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