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July 26, 2021
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The Polytechnic, Ibadan: Faculty of Engineering Wins JCI 2021 Asiwaju Inter-Faculty Speech Contest

By: Gbolagade Ayobami Sunday

You’re here because you cherished excellence and I sincerely believe Junior Chambers International of The Polytechnic, Ibadan has been in the forefront. I speak on behalf of the Management of this institution that anyone who has creditably and excellently performed well will be identified by the institution. A child who is doing great is always sorrounded by lots of people but the failed ones are identified to be an orphan because no one is willing to associate with a failure. That was the opening remark of Alhaji Adewole Soladoye, the Public Relations Officer of The Polytechnic, Ibadan at the 2nd Asiwaju JCIN The Polytechnic, Ibadan Inter Faculty Speech contest.

It was an atmosphere coloured with glee, jubilations, shouts, ideas and academic tussle as JCI of the institution organises an inter-faculty speech contest that cut across all the 5 faculties in the institution ( FBCS, FFMS, FENG, FSC, FES). The astonishing event held on 6th May, 2021 at the institution’s Assembly Hall North Campus had in attendance management staff, dignitaries, Students’ Union President, Faculty and Departmental President, Alumni of JCI, Ambassadors, Lectures, Friends, Guests and Crowd of Students.

The academic program was divided into two folds (semi-final and final simultaneously), the semi final phase among the 5 faculties with a theme; “Cyber Fraud and Nigerian Youths: Where do you Stand?” Hence, after a series of submissions, display and agility showcased by the contestants, 3 winners were eligible to make it to the final stage where they also jostled for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Announcing the result for the semi-final stage, Mr Egbeleye a Lecturer from department of General Studies of the same Institution. He’s also the Chief Moderator of the contest spoke on the modalities for the contest, he analysed that contestants must mind their time management, content, dressing, grammar, audience management, expression and mastery of their subject. “A good public speaker would have researched vastly on any topic given whatsoever. And for this first round, the 5th position goes to Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) with 53 points, 4th for Faculty of Financial Management Studies (FFMS) with 64.5 points, 3rd for Faculty of Science (FSC) with 68.6 points, Faculty of Engineering who is also the 1st runner-up with 75 points (FENG) and the winner for the first round goes to Faculty of Business and Communication Studies (FBCS) with 75.3 points”, he announced.

The JCI President, JC Bolajoko Victor Temitayo while speaking with Press Council correspondent, he explained the rationale behind the speech contest. “If we critically look at the way educative and academic events are organised on our campus nowadays, you’ll see that it’s going down the memory lane and there’s a need to revitalise and bring it up again. In lieu of that, we initiated the Asiwaju JCIN TPI Inter Faculty Speech Contest. It’s not only sport, entertainment activities that should be rampant on campus, there’s need to bring together students to discuss and showcase their academic and intellectual capacity. If this contest is held every session, it’ll bring about cordial, synergy and unity among students on campus”, he said.

Alhaji Adewole Soladoye (PRO) of the institution while giving his speech, “I want to applaud JCI, This organization is a very wonderful, relaible and trustworthy organisation for bringing up this program together”.
“You see, in the recent past some people will look down at the product of The Polytechnic, Ibadan but if you equip, develop yourself, no one will look down on you. I’m also a product of this citadel of innovation most especially department of Mass Communication (1985/1987). The knowledge, impartation I’ve attained here tremendously helped even while I was the Chairman of Nigerian Union of Journalist, Oyo State chapter. I want to plead with us, The Polytechnic, Ibadan has a reputation of having quality products and I want us to sustain it. We don’t want to be known for thuggery, hooliganism and I know we can do that. I want to encourage us to shun all act of indiscipline”.

“We’re here in this institution to acquire knowledge and certificate. Your parents, Institution, society and Nation at large want to be proud of you. We’ve produced Royals, Governors, Business Tycoons, Influential Individuals and different personalities who’re role models and giving back to the institution positively. We can produce President, Governors and Successful individuals.”

“When you’ve a competition like this, the judges will not only look at what you want to say, but your composition, courage and dressing also matters, it’s not everyone that can stand and witness crowd but a competition of high repute like this will help you geer up your courage to speak publicly. They’re training you for the future and I believe you’ll become great”.
“What we are here to do today is a game definitely someone must emerge. However, no matter the winner of this contest, it’s believed that you’ll acquire knowledge, skill and learn more things from their colleagues. Cooperate yourself and I congratulations to you all”, he concluded.

Also, while speaking about the two major theme; Cyberfraud and Nigerian Youths, Where do you Stand” and also “With the Current Insurgency in Nigeria, if you’re the President of this country for one year, what will you do to solve this Problem?”. The president of JCIN TPI further noted that, “with the look of things, these are two major phenomenon militating against the economy of this country, in our country, most Nigerian youths performed this illegal act. On the issue of security, there is kidnapping, killings, massacre all around”.

“Therefore, we’ve to gather information together with the opinion of educating, orientate and enlighten students on the contemporary issues affecting our polity. I urge the decision makers in our country to kindly implement and look into some of the submissions of these speakers in order to solve the issue embattling our society” the president concluded.

However, the second phase of the speech contest was between the top 3 faculties from the Semi Final. These include (FENG, FSC AND FBCS). Their representative namely; Adedeji Israel and Adeyemi Joseph from FENG, Hamzat Aminat and Ogunwale Matthew from FBCS and Babatunde Abigail and Adeniran Ayodeji from FSC spoke enormously for 5 minutes as lead speaker and 3 minutes as supporting speaker intermittently.
Thus, announcing the final result of the whole contest, the Chief Moderator applauded the creative and Intelligence of all the speakers to convincely elucidate on the motion, “”With the Current Insurgency in Nigeria, if you’re the President of this country for one year, what will you do to solve this Problem?”.” We’ve been impressed by the speakers and they need to make necessary corrections as regards their articulation and manner of delivering their content, the understanding and interpretation of the subject matter should also be taken note of”, he said while giving his corrections.


Full Video of JCIN TPI 2021 Asiwaju Inter Faculty Speech Contest: click the above link

According to the Organising Team Lead of the contest; JC Tunde Adebayo, “The idea of the speech contest to begin with is something that has to be applauded. Over the years, we’ve had just sports and social competition and jamboree years after years that doesn’t really keep students at their toes. More often than not, we’d see this competition cause hoolabaloo. But JCI being an organisation that prizes itself as an individual building club earnestly sat down and planned an event that most likely change the targetory of lives. I say congratulations to all participants as even the runners up have learnt one thing or two. This is only the second of its kind in campus. The first, from last session wasn’t even nearly as big as this. I know this because I was there and participated primarily. This year, we built from the work of the team led by JC Kolade Malik”.

“I’ll call that corporate organisation show enthusiasm towards promoting pro-academic contests. It was really hard getting sponsorship or partnership, whereas, if it was a social Day or week, millions will be flying”.
“Massive congratulations to the faculties of Engineering; Business & Management Studies and Faculty of Science, as they are the massive winners. I sincerely hope that the participants improve from this, there’s more to education than the four walls of the class or the pitch”, he said.

Finally, the result was announced, FSC came 2nd runner-up with 67.8 points while 1st runner-up goes to FBCS with 68.3 points and Faculty of Engineering emerged as the overall winner with 69 points.

Showing his gratitude, reactions and enthusiasm for the well-done job by Students from his faculty, the president of FENG in person of Comrade Ajadi Sodiq, “let’s make it clear that FENG is far different from what most people know them for which is shown in today’s result”, he said via WhatsApp message.

Adedeji Isreal, winner from Faculty of Engineering who is also a participant while speaking with Journalist, “I thank God for the success of this contest. About this topic being discussed, on issue of cyber fraud, they say charity begins at home, the family should upbring the children so that they won’t be a regret to that family. And to Adeyemi Joseph the co-participant from same faculty, “I feel elated and thankful for the opportunity and special thanks to all who supported us in all ramifications. And on the themes, firstly for the security, these are topical issues that the government needs to succinctly look into and for the matter sorrounding cyber fraud, we youths are leaders and even government of this country and we can’t be a better leaders by being a fraudster”.

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