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  • God’s calligraphy

Glowing like a mirage
That you’re an angel is an understatement
Your beauty halts the movement of men that sees you
A careless onlooker will draw his saliva into his palm wine
Awéléwà, obìrin
Sisí tó gb’afe

A Night without young men loitering around your window is yet to come
Who doesn’t want to have a rare gem?
Your silence can strangle life out of your toasters, they all want a yes
You’re a correct interpretation of an African woman, to talk of physique
Endowed with 3D elements
Your view, isometrically, drives Àjàsá crazy
Your Fish eye view turns Ràmónì to a short time dumb man
Adúm’áradán, Olójú Edé
Sisi Bisi

All these qualities of you are without your attitude
You insult men like they were born to sweep your floor
The last time you answered your momma’s call peacefully was at your birth
Your doorstep is an entrance for men who have kudi to treat you
What’s the beauty all about when your life is full of pity?
Who will marry Sisi Bisi who can beat up her mother-in-law?
Òbìnrin so’wa nu,
Thirty years of age, you’ll still think you’re in Vogue
Time will reveal…
Beauty without Brain is Ugliness
Sisí Bísí

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