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  • By Tife Inks

Indecent dressing can be said without any modicum of doubt as an abnormal way of dressing. To examine, in today’s world, it is clear like crystal that guys who claimed to be in vogue sag, wear earrings, barb varieties of unworthy hairstyles and get themselves engaged into all sorts of irrelevant act leading to the irritation of the heart all for the sake of being among functioning guys with the hashtag #Slay-Kings placed on their forehead.
Among consequences of indecent dressing are;
Tarnishing of their supposed protected image, A criminal look at them by the Security Agencies, and the most quite saddening part of it is that they most often, are always deprived the opportunity to represent the association they belong to and the society at large.
There would always be a difference among guys who dress decently and those who dress in an indecent manner, so also to the way you will be addressed, for the adage; the way you dress is the way you will be addressed.
Note: guys in this context refer the male sex

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