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  • By Ayobami Sunday

“The thief who perpetrated this devilish act must be an expert in the art of bugling.” This was the the comment of a Security personnel that came to address a robbery cum bugling attempt by an unknown person at one of the institution’s quarter opposite Unity Hall of Residence.

It was on a afternoon, on the 23rd September, 2019 when a bugling act was carried out by some man at one of the apartments in the Staff Quarters. The burgling was simply carried out in a noiseless manner that didn’t alert the security officers.

Reports gathered by the PRESS COUNCIL reveals that the burglars attempted to enter the apartment but he was obstructed by the steel burglary window which served, fortunately, as the security guard at the moment.

According to our Correspondent, damage was done to the main door and the window. Also, it was observed that there were bushes and shortcuts along the roads that lead to this location which must have given the thief the effrontery to rob.

In their separate remarks, some of the eyewitnesses that spoke with our Correspondent stated that If burglary wasn’t erected, it would have been a robbery story at the detriment of the serving officer’s valuable properties because the evil act would have been done successfully without any trace.

“Do we even have security in our quarters at all that will help to forestall normalcy to evade such act? Or how can someone be so bold to burgle at a busy place without the attraction or notice of anybody in this busy day of the week?” was the question raised by a passer-by while the security officers were at the scene for investigation.

However, Press Council sees this as an alert to aggravate the efforts of personnel, relevant stakeholders, students and other inhabitants around the institution to be security conscious.

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