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By: Ajayi Toyyib Olabamiji & Adeniji Sodiq Ademola

The campus of The Polytechnic Ibadan came alive on September 13, 2023, with the grand launch of Reiz 101.9 FM, a vibrant campus and community radio station. The much anticipated station promises to serve as a training ground for aspiring broadcasters and a platform for interactive students and community engagement.

Dr. Olatunji Olusoji, the Secretary of the four-man committee responsible for establishing the radio station, emphasized that Reiz 101.9 FM is dedicated to both students and the surrounding communities, including; Ijokodo, Sango, Apete, and beyond. He revealed that a substantial 65.5% of the station’s content will cater specifically to students, offering them practical experience to complement their theoretical studies.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Olusoji stated, “There should be a synergy between the theoretical aspects that we teach and real practical experience, so as to enhance students’ performance and confidence. Reiz FM will be a training avenue for our members.”

Highlighting the station’s inclusive approach, he continued, “All departments and faculties will be given designated time slots in a week to teach students on various topics related to their courses. We’ll also invite lecturers, the Rector, Registrar, Bursar, and the Dean of Student Affairs to discuss important matters, creating synergy between students and management.”

Furthermore, Reiz 101.9 FM is committed to dispelling rumors and disseminating accurate information about campus happenings, offering guidance to students on their academic journeys.

The station’s name, Reiz, has a unique phonetical origin, as Dr. Olusoji explained: “Reiz FM was coined from the phonetical pronunciation of ‘Rays.'”

Mrs. Bolatito Joseph, the Consultant and Managing Director of Reiz FM, shared her excitement about the station’s potential. As a former Zonal Director of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), she emphasized the importance of campus radio stations for educational institutions.

“It’s an excellent idea to have this station here, as it will serve as a training ground for students interested in broadcasting, helping them shape their careers and become professionals,” said Mrs. Joseph.

She praised the management and staff of The Polytechnic Ibadan for their commitment to establishing the station and emphasized the quality of the state-of-the-art equipments in the studio, which rivals private radio stations in the city.

Regarding the station’s licensing, she revealed, “We obtained a temporary operating license, and we expect that the permanent license will follow before the temporary one expires. We’re confident that something good will come out of it.”

As for collaboration with students, Mrs. Joseph assured, “We are eager to work together with the students. Reiz 101.9 FM expects something wonderful, and we will collaborate, partner, and drive this station together.”

With Reiz 101.9 FM now on the airwaves, The Polytechnic Ibadan is poised for a new era of educational and community engagement through the power of radio. Students and residents alike can look forward to a dynamic platform that entertains, educates, and connects.

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